Making Money Off Online GFE (Girlfriend Experience)

The girlfriend experience is a very personal thing to offer to members. A lot of members who seek out something of this sort are busy people who can’t fit a relationship into their life or can’t take the time/effort to build a relationship with someone, so buying a service makes the process much easier rather than having to “wine and dine” someone. Some people who seek out GFE do so after their loved one passes away, some do it because they have something inhibiting them from being able to start a meaningful relationship, and some do it with the intention of actually getting you to fall in love with them. Regardless of why they are participating in GFE, it is a heavily demanded experience within cam shows, in clips, and very much so through sexting or Snapchat.


Set Some Ground Rules First

While there is a small percentage of the cam/clip producer population who would date a customer, a good majority of us are not interested in that. We are here to provide a fantasy, a service, and to pay our bills. It is very important that before providing GFE for a customer it is clear that it is a fantasy. In your ad for your services, including the word “fantasy” helps to reiterate that idea. Some customers will take the GFE very seriously, and while it’s great for business it can also breach the realm of dangerous, especially when it comes to verbal communications in which you express love or interest for the customer. It is very easy to cross the line from them viewing it as a fantasy being fulfilled versus you actually being interested in them, outside of reiterating that it is fantasy you can also be very firm about payments so it is clearly a service in their eyes. You may want to lay out other ground rules for when you begin GFE with a customer, because the idea of a “girlfriend” is communicating throughout the day and possibly exchanging pictures/chatting/etc you will want to set some specific “working hours” so that the customer understands while you are able and willing to provide GFE you also have things to attend to outside of his fantasy arrangement. Make sure to also set limits on what is allowed, for example: you may like providing GFE but do not want the customer to tell you he loves you, make the clear before accepting money and agreeing to the service.


Offering GFE Cam Shows:

When you offer GFE cam shows, a lot of viewers will want something similar to a long distance Skype with your partner. When practicing GFE using pet names, acting familiar with your customer, and being passionate and caring is generally encouraged. Outside of the sexual aspects of your show, a lot of members who purchase GFE shows are also people who want to talk about their day and share the things they’re interested in with someone. Before getting to the show you can try asking about their day, their job, if anything interesting happened to them throughout the day, if there’s anything new they want to tell you about, etc.


Offering GFE Clips and Customs:

When you offer GFE Clips and Custom clips, it will usually be a bit easier than a live cam show or sexting. Since you aren’t actively communicating with the customer and you’re actually communicating with your camera it leaves a lot of room for errors and edits, which is why GFE is more widely offered in clips than on cam. There is a lot of room for ideas within GFE clips, since someone who is your partner would get to see the most personal parts of your everyday life something as simple as you waking up and talking to them while playing with yourself can make for a great idea. These videos can be filmed in an assortment of ways such as POV (point of view) or even as a special video you’re making for your partner where you actually acknowledge that it’s a video!


Offering GFE Sexting and Snapchat:

Offering GFE Sexting and Snapchating is probably one of the more tricky things to sort out a price for. Since most of the time the person that is looking for GFE is going to want to remain in contact with you throughout the day, it is definitely a better option to offer this through a Pay Per Message service. GFE through texting and Snapchat would be very similar to communicating with your real life partner, and does not always have to be sexual. Honestly – if it is always sexual it’s not really GFE! Ask about your customers day/job/interests etc. A big part of GFE is getting to know your customer and likewise your customer will also want to get to know you.



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