Farting Fetish Tips For Camming Models

Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill discusses the fart fetish and how to do fart fetish clips and camming shows. The fart fetish is a very big fetish. If you’r a gassy girl (or guy) that can consistently put out fart content, it can be especially profitable. Here’s everything you need to know about fart fetish camming shows.


Two Warnings About The Fart Fetish

Before we get started, I have to give two warnings to anyone looking at the fart fetish. These are two major reasons a lot of models complain about the fetish itself and why a lot of models end up leaving the fetish. So if either of these reasons really bother you, this fetish might not be for you:

1) Fart Fetish Videos Are Highly Pirated: Whenever I’m doing my monthly pirate hunting, I almost exclusively find my fart fetish videos.

2) Guys Will Want You To Shit: Guys who are into the fart fetish is usually also into toilet fetish. There are also people who are going to email you videos of girls pooping. This is something that’s just going to happen.


Different Types of Farting and Requests

A lot of people claim the fart fetish is boring, because it’s just a lot of farting. That is true, but there are so many sub-categories and different things that people are looking for and request. Here are some of the different type of farts you can incorporate into clips or camming shows:

  • Showing face
  • Showing asshole moving
  • Different sounding farts
  • Long farts
  • Short farts
  • Fart compilations
  • Roleplay / scenarios


Important: You Can’t Fake It!

Faking the farts is really bad. This includes making sounds with your mouth, using an app or a soundboard, dubbing noise into a video, audio enhancement or anything like that. There’s a lot of really active fart fetish forums, and if you get a name for faking the audio, people are going to know. That stuff gets out really quickly and fart fetish customers will stop buying from you because of it.


Test Out The Camera Audio

It’s important to test out the audio of the camera you’re going to be using. For example, with my webcam, sometimes there will be a delay and the audio won’t perfectly match up with my facial expressions. Also, when filming in a very large room, sometimes the echo won’t be right on.  A backdrop setup behind the filming area can help make the audio come in a whole lot cleaner.


Pumping Air Up Your Ass

Some models do this and some models don’t. This can be done with an enema bulb. This can be used to force air up your ass that will then come back out like a fart. Simply lube it up and stick it in. This is something that you can do, especially if you’re not a very gassy person.


Tips For Live Fart Shows

Live fart shows can be a little difficult if you don’t have to fart at the time. Here’s some tips and tricks for doing live shows:

  • Ask for some notice
  • Eat or drink something gassy
  • Be honest with people
  • Don’t fart non-stop in during a show
  • Don’t try forcing farts too hard
  • Farting is not banned on camming sites


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