Pee Fetish Information For Webcam Models

Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill discusses the pee fetish. Especially as it relates to peeing live on webcam. The major issue for camming models wanting to offer pee fetish shows is finding a pee-friendly network. Not all the camming sites and clip sites are piss friendly. There’s also things you can do to make your pee fetish shows longer (because peeing doesn’t take very long) and to make things easier and less messy.


Peeing On Cam Vs Peeing On Clip Sites

Peeing on webcam is very different from peeing on clip sites. The main reason is that peeing on cam is live, opposed to recording, which you can cut, edit and work more on your schedule. For that reason, many of the preparation we’ll be talking about today isn’t as applicable to pee fetish clips, as it is pee fetish shows. It’s also worth noting that there are more pee-friendly clip sites than there are camming sites.


Camming Sites That don’t Allow Pee

Here is a list of camming sites that you can not show or discuss pee on:

(This might not be a complete list, but these sites specifically do not allow it!)


Camming Sites You Can Pee On

However, there are camming sites that do allow pee. These sites include:

*Some Skype networks do not allow the mention of pee, but on Skype itself, there’s really not much that people can do about it. CamModelDirectory, for example, you can not list pee on your profile.


How To Control Your Pee / Do The Shows

Know Your Body – The first step is to really know your body. What I do is drink two 1 liter bottles of water and timed what it took from drinking the water to having to pee. And not just the first bit of needing to pee, but where it’d be enough urine to satisfy the customers and do the show. For me, it’s approximately 27 minutes.

Keep in mind this is for my body and everyone is different. But it’s a good idea to do this sort of an audit to know how it’ll take. This is something that can be specified on your profile or when a member inquires about a fee fetish show.

Ask For Time To Prepare – Everyone pees to everyone understands that pee isn’t something that you can just do on demand. It takes time for the bladder to fill up. If a member doesn’t understand that, he’s probably not worth your time to begin with and should probably just be blocked. Doing the above audit helps in communicating how much prep time is required and planning out shows.


Setting Up The Cam Room For Pee Fetish

When doing pee fetish shows, you’ve got two options; You can either bring the camming setup to the bathroom, or you can setup the camming room to be able to do pee fetish shows.

Setting Up The Camming Room: I would highly suggest getting a bed pan. I’ve got a bed pan for dirt cheap at a thrift store. There’s several advantages to a bed pan over a bucket or a pot. They can be difficult because they’re kind of tall. This requires uncomfortable crouching. Towels are also a good idea in case you miss and to keep things clean in general.

Doing Pee Shows In Bathroom: You can do pee shows in the bathroom. The reason I don’t suggest doing them on the toilet is that you’re going to have to hover, and it can be more difficult setting up the webcam for the shot. Myself personally, my bedroom is a lot cleaner than my bathroom, so I’d also prefer doing the shows there.


Stretching Out Piss Fetish Shows

The other thing about piss fetish shows is that peeing doesn’t take that much time. So, you’ll want to get creative to extend the show, especially if you’re charging per minute. Luckily, there’s some easy ways to do this. I like to separate my shows into three parts:

1) Talk About Needing To Pee – Talk about how badly you need to pee. You can talk about how you’re either nervous or excited about peeing in front of someone.

2) Do A Bit Of Pee – Second, I’ll let out a bit of pee, then stop it. I’ll add some dialogue about it in between the first bit of pee and letting the rest of it go.

3) The Main Pee – The third part is getting to really pee. Play out the relief of the pee. Let out a big sigh and play up how relieved you are. Add dialogue to this.


The Rest of the Show

There’s other things that customers might want you to do after the show. Some want you to masturbate, some are only interested in the peeing and some might have other requests. How you setup the rest of the shows is completely up to you. I personally like to use the bed pan to show the person the pee. You can rock it back and fourth and talk about it. Just make sure not to spill any of it! (Pro tip: Don’t sneeze!)


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