Selling Panties, Lingerie and Other Products

ThongSelling Panties and Other Tangibles

Get paid selling your used panties, lingerie and other items. Whether selling used panties is your primary service, or if you’re an adult entertainer looking for new avenues for revenue. There are multiple ways to go about selling worn panties. One could sell panties on a marketplace site, via your own website or through a camming network. Here’s where and how to sell used panties.


Sites For Selling Panties and Other Products

Website Seller Revenue Additional Information
CamModelStore 80% CamModelStore
ExtraLunchMoney 60% ExtraLunchMoney
ManyVids 60% ManyVids
PantyBay 40% PantyBay
Scented Pansy 100% (Minus Fees) Scented Pansy


Selling Used Panties Through Your Own Website

In addition to selling worn panties on the sites listed above, you can also sell panties from your very own website. The advantage of selling panties on your own website is that you’ll end up keeping more of the profits. Of course there are still going to be payment processing fees, but not nearly as steep as what the marketplace sites are charging. For best results, you can sell panties on your own site as well as other sites so that you can reach the biggest audience possible.

In addition to selling panties directly from your website, you can also promote any other products and services that you might be offering. It’ll also give you an area for a bio so they know more about you and the different ways you soil and prepare the panties before shipping them. A blog section will let your fans and customers keep up with you a learn a little more about you and the activities you perform while wearing the panties.

Web development has gotten much easier over the years and now it’s possible to create a website with zero HTML experience. Anything you will have to use HTML for, there’s plenty of walkthrough all throughout the internet. Check out our guide for building a website to get started today. For a payment processor, we highly suggest Paxum. Paxum is an adult-friendly PayPal alternative that works pretty much the same way. You can easily add Buy Now buttons for all the panties added to your website.


Selling Used Panties Over A Camming Network

If you’re an adult webcam model, then it’s possible to sell your panties directly through your camming site. Many models will sell a wide range of products and services through token “Tips”. These services are sometimes things that aren’t directly offered through the camming network’s services, such as selling used panties. The panties you sell on the cam site can either be the panties you’ve worn during a particular performance or any other undergarments.

To sell panties over the camming site, simply indicate how many tokens it’ll cost and how to specify that the tip is for a specific pair and not just a general tip for the performance. It’s best to include photos of each item that’s being sold as well as the token price. Be sure to include information on how the panties are to be shipped.


Selling Other Products Other Than Panties

Panties aren’t the only tangible items that you can sell over these networks or your website. In fact, there’s tons of items that can also be sold. Here’s some ideas:

  • Other apparel / undergarments
  • Used sex toys
  • Signed photos or prints
  • Notes or loveletters
  • Heels or shoes

These are just some ideas but it’s not limited to just this. Anything you can think of, there could be a market for. Use your imagination and put some items online to see what sells.


Are We Missing Something?

Is there a site for selling used panties that we should add? If there is something missing, please let us know! If it checks out and appears to be a reputable site, we’ll get it added. Please indicate whether you are currently a seller on the site or somehow otherwise affiliated.


Offer Adult Services Besides Selling Panties

Looking to offer other adult-oriented services besides selling panties? There’s tons of ways to get paid as an amateur in the adult industry. Here’s some other options to consider:

Adult Live Camming – Get paid to perform live on webcam. Work from home, only perform when you want to perform and you get to pick what kind of shows to do. Live camming is extremely popular and profitable.

Selling Adult Content Sets – Get paid to produce and sell your own homemade content. Simply upload your photo sets or videos to these sites, set the price and they handle the payment processing and you keep the majority of the profits!

Phone Sex – Get paid as a phone sex operator. Get phone calls and text messages sent directly to your mobile phone. All communications are encrypted by a 3rd party and your personal information and real phone number is always kept secret.

Personal Membership Fansite – Run your own membership fansite. Charge a monthly subscription fee to access your exclusive adult content. Fanclubs create a residual income from the monthly rebills.

Live Skype Sex – Get paid from live Skype sex. Get the tools needed to promote your shows, book shows in advance and accept payments for the performances.