How to generate more sales in the foot fetish

Foot fetishists are more than willing to pay for their pleasures, and models are cashing in by selling feet pics, shooting foot fetish videos, and even selling tangible items like worn socks and shoes. The COVID-19 pandemic and mainstream popularity of platforms like OnlyFans has brought in a wave of new online sex workers, tough, and a corresponding wave of content has hit the foot fetish world. Often seen as an “easy” or “entry level” fetish, the foot fetish attracts hordes of models with its reputation for big spenders willing to buy non-nude content.

So how do you stand out in a flooded category? In this video, camgirl and fetish performer Katy Churchill talks about her experience finding success in niche fetishes within the foot fetish category.

Find sub-categories

If you look in the broad “foot fetish” category on any clip site, you’ll find hundreds of different takes on the subject of feet. To narrow down your options, go to the main Clips4Sale page, or into the “add video” page in your IWantClips account and start typing. Use the terms “foot”, “feet”, “toes”, “soles”, and “heels” to see what pops up. There are a lot of sub-categories within the foot fetish world, all crying out for content!

Dig into what suits you

The best sub-categories can be dictated by not just your interests, but also your physical attributes and abilities. Choosing fetishes to focus on can be as easy as realizing that you have very long toes or flexible feet, high arches or wide feet. Use your existing strengths and qualities to determine which niche your feet belong in.

Explore your options

Try several sub-categories! Mix and match them within one video to maximize your potential buying audience. Femdom is very popular in the foot fetish world, so try adding a domination aspect to whichever sub-category you are shooting to broaden its appeal to more customers. Browse through categories on Clips4Sale to see which other categories are frequently cross-listed in the “keywords” section to give you ideas for good combinations for your own clips.

Stay niche

While it may be tempting to throw your content into the overall “foot fetish” category for maximum exposure, resist the urge to do it. There are more eyeballs on the category overall, but so much content is posted that you will be buried in minutes. Continue posting in the smaller categories and reap the rewards! Going small really can make you go big with your earnings.


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