Are you looking for an alternative to ManyVids?

Recently ManyVids has come under fire from a lot of performers in the indie adult community for essentially abandoning the creators who built their platform in favor of promoting mainstream porn stars and professional porn production companies. In addition to that, they’ve also heavily geared their promotion tactics towards safe for work content in an effort to boost interactivity on MV Social – the brands “social media” attempt – which turned model profiles into a feed of updates rather than the sites original focus which was clip sales. Whatever your reason is for wanting an alternative to ManyVids, we will try to find you a perfect pairing. While no site will be an exact clone of ManyVids, many of the current platforms offer robust features and sleek designs that are comparable to the things that make ManyVids an attractive platform.

What are good ManyVids alternatives if you like their design?

If you like the ManyVids design and how the interface is sleek, colorful, and image/preview oriented then look no further than iWantClips. Sporting a similar pink and white themed layout, iWantClips shares many visual similarities to ManyVids on the customer and performer side. iWantClips also supports many of the same features that performers grew to love on ManyVids. Although iWantClips is heavily Domme based, there are vanilla performers on the platform and the platform is interested in continuing to grow and expand their vanilla content base.

What are good ManyVids alternatives if you like their traffic?

If you like the traffic base on ManyVids, or the old traffic base pre-MV Social, then you will absolutely love the traffic on Clips4Sale. Clips4Sale is a category oriented clip site that has been around for years, and although it is lacking the new modern aesthetic of ManyVids it has something that many other sites fail to have which is amazing traffic. The traffic on Clips4Sale is heavily fetish oriented but there is still a wide variety of vanilla categories on the platform. Additionally you can utilize the statistics that are built in on Clips4Sale to see how well their internal traffic actually is!

What are good ManyVids alternatives if you like MV Crush?

MV Crush is ManyVids built-in fan club platform that allows you to post content for your subscribers. If you like the simplicity of MV Crush then you will love OnlyFans or AVN Stars. OnlyFans is a fan club only platform that has a good mainstream reputation as well as an easy to use interface that is very similar to Twitter. AVN Stars is a fan club platform that also supports individual clip sales and has a higher payout percentage than ManyVids.

What are good ManyVids alternatives if you want a performer owned / operated platform?

Performers love to support other performers and feel like their needs are more likely to be met if they utilize a platform run or managed by performers. This is confirmed by the outpour of support that Bella French received when she first came forward as the CEO of ManyVids. There are other sites that are created or managed by performers, here are a few:

  • iWantClips (Bratty Nikki)
  • JustForFans (Dominic Ford)
  • More coming soon… hopefully!

While having a performer on staff is great, it doesn’t necessarily always make a site better. It is also possible that performers act as a face but don’t make the executive decisions. The Webcam Startup team highly suggests deeply researching the reputation of a site within the community before dedicating your time to it and steering your traffic to it.

What are good ManyVids alternatives if you want the option of posting free and paid clips?

ManyVids allows you to post free clips as a form of advertisement on their platform, but Pornhub and Modelhub are a great alternative for this! Not only is Pornhub integrated with Modelhub so you can take advantage of the massive amount of traffic available on Pornhub, but you can also charge a fee for customers to download your free videos which is a feature that ManyVids recently removed when they discontinued MV Tube and demonetized their free clips.

What are good ManyVids alternatives if you want to have a storefront integrated with your clip store?

Store integration is something that makes ManyVids special, because not many other sites offer a storefront in the same way that ManyVids does. There are some storefront options on indie sites like Erotifix, but they are best paired with other sites that have internal traffic.

What are good ManyVids alternatives if you like MV Live?

If you love MV Live then you will love streaming on Chaturbate. Chaturbate is like the buffed up version of MV Live, with many games and features and way more viewers than MV Live on average.


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