How-To Guide for Performers Creating Fur Fetish and Leather Fetish Content

In this video, Katy Churchill covers the basics for models interested in creating leather fetish or fur fetish content. Katy looks at both fetishes from a non-femdom angle. Although both leather and furs are popular with domme performers, there is a route to success in these fetishes that does not require a dominant personality or focus on a dom/sub dynamic. Here are her top tips:

  • Be descriptive in your speech: Fur and leather fetishes are all about the sensory experience, but viewers of your clips can only use their eyes and ears, so you need to fill in the blanks for them. This may mean your clips get a bit “chatty”, so practice speaking in a way that fits into the flow of the action. Describe the feel and smell (and taste?) of the leather / fur, and either use your audio equipment to catch the sounds of moving textile or describe the sound as well. Running out of words to use? Try using a thesaurus site to stretch your vocabulary and avoid overusing words like “soft” or “smooth”.
  • Feature the texture: Use closeups and lighting to make sure that the texture of the fur or leather is as visible as possible. This helps emphasize the tactile nature of the piece, which is a huge part of both the fur fetish and leather fetish. Use your hands and body to manipulate the garment to show off different angles.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money to make a little money: Leather and fur garments can be extremely pricey. While both niches can be profitable for the top models, Katy does not recommend spending a lot of money to get into either fetish. Check thrift stores for leather jackets and leather gloves, as well as vintage / second hand furs. Facebook Marketplace and estate sales are also good places to look for furs.

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