How-To Guide for Performers Creating Fabric Fetish Content

What is a fabric fetish? Clip categories like satin, sweater, swimsuit, spandex, velvet, etc. fall under the “fabric fetish” umbrella, and can be approached in similar ways when creating content. In this video, Katy Churchill covers the basics for models interested in creating fabric fetish content. Here are her top tips:

  • Use your words: Fabric fetishes are really about texture, but your viewers can’t touch what your wearing. They can see it and hear you, though, so you can describe what you’re feeling to help bring them into the fantasy. Your customers may also be using clothing articles to masturbate as they watch you, so pairing actions with words in a way that moves the scenario forward is also important. Mastering describing texture without disrupting the flow of the video will be crucial to success in fabric fetishes.
  • Shoot from multiple angles with different lighting: You used audio to describe texture, but that won’t cut it without visuals to match. Experiment with lighting and angles to figure out what works the best for both your fabric and your body, and try to use a few different shots to emphasize the texture and appearance of the garment.
  • Add fabric fetishes to other content: While fabric fetishes can sell on their own, pairing a garment with either a sex act or other fetishes will broaden the appeal and increase sales. Make sure you have a portion of the clip explicitly focusing on the clothing item, and ensure that it is visible in the majority of the video.
  • Explore your closet before going shopping: Because fabric fetishes are generally based around articles of clothing, browsing your closet will probably bring up a few items that you can use – for $0! Katy is a big fan of using what you already have to experiment with fetishes to see what sells, and fabric fetishes are no different.

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