OnlyFans Public Account Can Generate Traffic For Paid OnlyFans

A new trend is hitting the world of OnlyFans: creating a free account to promote your paid account. This idea has been done before with other social platforms and it makes sense for it to be applied to OnlyFans as well. Giving fans a “preview” of what they will get to see when they sign up to your paid account can help entice them to sign up.

Note: You CANNOT post nudity or sexual content to your free Onlyfans, it must be “Instagram friendly” to post to the timeline. Sexual content can only be posted BEHIND a paywall.


Free OnlyFans Accounts Can Also Make Money

It is also a good money maker because when you have a free OnlyFans you are able to post paid posts to your timeline as well as through the OnlyFans pay to view messaging system. Using this method can add an additional revenue stream on top of the normal subscription price of your paid account. This is perfect for customers who aren’t ready to commit to a subscription but still want access to your content through the OnlyFans platform.


What should I use my Free OnlyFans for?

You can use your Free OnlyFans for a variety of things, including promotion but also as a back up social media account. Due to the stigmatized nature of the adult industry it can be beneficial to have adult friendly back up accounts. With the popularity of OnlyFans and it’s similarities to Twitter, it can serve as a fantastic alternative and a good place to gather your fans. Aside from a social media back up, there are plenty of other things that can be done with a Free OnlyFans Account:


Selling Discounted Clips or Photosets

You can use a Free OnlyFans to sell your clips and photosets at a greater discount on your timeline or within the pay-to-view messaging system. This is profitable because OnlyFans pays out at 80% rather than the 60% standard that most clip sites provide.


Sexting or Photo/Video Exchange

You can use OnlyFans as a platform to exchange messages, photos, and videos. You are able to set prices to open your messages which is very similar to most sexting platforms. You can utilize this feature as a way to provide dirty talk or photo exchanges to your fans at a price without having to worry about setting up your phone on a texting platform.


Using A Tip Menu On OnlyFans

Creating an OnlyFans tip menu is a great way to generate some income from a free OnlyFans account. Many models offer a tip menu which includes things like full length videos, custom photos or custom photosets, custom short videos, or tipping for an “action” like a short twerking or spanking video. Having an “on demand” tip menu helps make your OnlyFans profile more interactive and makes it so your customers feel more connected with you. You can even choose to have the option to post it to the timeline OR keep it exclusive for an additional price.


Promotion for your Paid OnlyFans Page

Many performers post creative and fun photosets or videos to their paid OnlyFans page. You can utilize your free page to create hype around the launch of more intense projects.


Cross Promotion With Other OnlyFans Models

There can be hesitation between models to promote paid pages due to the fact that directing your fan base to another model can be risky if you don’t know the model well and aren’t aware of the quality of their content, having a free page where models can direct their fans to and leave the ultimate decision up to the fan to subscribe to a model because of the quality of their content posted to the free page can be better for business.


Get Included In OnlyFans Drops

“Drops” are becoming common in the world of OnlyFans. It is where a group of models usually ranging from 4-8 participants will create a post on OnlyFans including all of the performers links with a caption like “make sure to follow all of these hot babes!” Free drops are very popular, especially on the communication app that many models have begun to use to keep in contact about OnlyFans: Telegram.


Acquire A Massive Potential Customer Base

OnlyFans requires users to connect a credit or debit card upon sign up for an OnlyFans account, even if it is a free account. They even charge $0.10 to verify that the card is active. Due to this, providing a free OnlyFans creates a massive “base” of users that are a button press away from transitioning from a free viewer to a customer. Utilizing your free account to send out messages and posting paid posts to the timeline can be a great way to convert a new customer.


An Alternative to a Personal Website

Many performers find that setting up a personal website can take a lot of time and effort and prefer to utilize social media as a main way to keep in contact with customers. Due to the Twitter-esque nature of OnlyFans, and the fact that it is adult friendly, it is a great alternative to setting up a personal website. You are able to post text/audio updates, photos, and videos. You can even queue posts for the future and set them to expire, so you can notify customers about deals or limited time promotions!


How can I get more followers on my Free OnlyFans?

  1. Join Telegram: Telegram is a messaging app available on most smart phones that allows models to communicate about shoutouts, drops, and network.
  2. Network with Other Performers: Networking with performers that also have OnlyFans can be great for setting up shoutouts, while Telegram seems to be the preferred method, some performers will also set up shoutouts via other social media like Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Be Slutty with your Link: Get a vanity URL that won’t be flagged by social media and be extra slutty with that link! Post it everywhere, let everyone know to follow you, tell them this is your new “adult social media, that is FREE!” and they will trip over their own feet running to follow you!
  4. Offer Free Incentives to Follow: Offering things like exclusive photos or chatting is a great way to encourage people to follow you!


Make sure to link your OnlyFans accounts!

Under your OnlyFans account settings, you can link your paid and free accounts. Click on “Settings” and go to “Accounts.” There should be a section that says “OnlyFans Accounts” that will allow you to link your account. This will help OnlyFans to ensure someone isn’t running a fake account using your content.



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