What is Telegram?

Telegram is an application available on most smart phones that provides the ability to communicate with others individually or in a group chat setting. While it is not a great option for keeping in contact with customers due to the fact it accesses your phone number, it is a great way to keep in contact with other OnlyFans performers looking to do cross promotion. Telegram allows you to put a bio on your profile, which many OnlyFans performers have utilized to include their follower count on their Paid or Free OnlyFans accounts. Many performers have also included a link to their websites to verify their identity, and you can create a post within a “link” tab for easy to use copy and paste content for OnlyFans promotion.

Why are performers using Telegram to keep in contact for OnlyFans promotion?

In my personal opinion, it really makes no sense to use such an invasive app for communication, but I was not on the committee that decided which app all models would gravitate to for promotional purposes. Unfortunately, Twitter was ruled out because of how difficult their system is to save video and photo content and easily copy and paste. Due to the surge in popularity of Telegram, there are already dozens if not hundreds of groups available for promotional purposes for OnlyFans models. The groups range from SFS Groups (Shoutout for Shoutout) to Drop Groups and “Networking Groups.” Most groups have follower minimums so it is important to find a group that suits you or you can risk being booted from the group, and the groups do verify by typically asking for screenshots of your follower count upon joining!

What is a SFS? (Shoutout for Shoutout)

SFS is a very popular way to cross promote, it typically involves providing a short description of yourself as well as a photo or video and the link to your page and the other performer will do the same. The model will typically either do an “Active” SFS which means you both post once the information is exchanged or a “Queued” SFS which is when you agree on a date and time when your profiles won’t be overwhelmed with posts or when your profile gets high traffic and you will both queue the other performers shoutout for the specified time. Typically, performers will set their SFS posts to expire in 1-3 days so that the posts don’t clog their feed. Usually if a model has a higher fan count than the other participating model, they may be asked to keep the post up for a longer time to maximize the exposure of the link.

What is a “Drop?”

Drops are the more stressful part of Telegram, they are typically only active which means you need to be actively participating. Although some groups do support queued drops it is not common. A drop will usually be coordinated by one individual and they will ask Telegram users to post if they are active and would like to participate in the drop, the drop may require a minimum amount of followers so make sure to comply with whichever drop rules were set in the original post which will usually be pinned through the duration of the drop. Once the coordinator confirms there are enough people active and interested in the drop, they will instruct everyone to drop their OnlyFans link. When you do the drop, make sure to ONLY post your link in the proper clickable format, because the coordinator will be copying and pasting your link into the drop post. Typically 4-8 performers will participate in a drop, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the coordinator to pick the total number of participants. Participants over 8 can clutter the timeline and look unappealing, so participating in smaller drops can be beneficial to ensure you aren’t overlooked by customers. The coordinator will notify everyone to “hold” or “wait for captioning” upon reaching the total number of performers, and they will create a “master post” that will be copied and pasted onto all of the participants OnlyFans pages. When you do this, make sure to remove your own link from the list to decrease the amount of generated link previews. Some groups will require a screenshot to prove that you posted the drop to your page and will do a “tally” of all of the performers that participated to make sure no one is getting free exposure without posting the drop. Drops are often set to expire in 1 day.

How do I find a Telegram group to join?

Many performers don’t post the Telegram publicly because of the personal information hosted within Telegram, but many performers will post to social media stating that they have a Telegram group or that they are part of one and to Direct Message them for the join link. Networking with other performers on social media is the only way to currently find Telegram groups to join to promote your OnlyFans account.

Do I need Telegram to succeed on OnlyFans?

Telegram is not a necessity to succeed on OnlyFans, especially if you already have a generally good amount of organic traffic and are good at converting your traffic to your pay sites. Telegram is great for models that aren’t on sites that allow you to direct your fans off-site (ahem, Streamate.) It is also great for models that are looking to build their accounts, while some models prefer their fan club remain a closer network of their fans, some models have found that utilizing OnlyFans as a way to find new customers and convert them off-site to cam and clips can be beneficial. For those models, Telegram can be a huge help. Telegram is also great for promoting a Free OnlyFans account and opening yourself up to a market of new customers that might not find you otherwise.


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