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This is a list of all the fetishes that we’ve got content up on for Webcam Startup. This list also contains links to each informational page on each fetish and information on how to do camming shows or produce clips catering to that fetish. Of course this isn’t a complete list, as the fetishes out there is vast and out of control. This page will be updated as Webcam Startup contributors add more content dealing with new and unique fetishes.


Quick List / Links:

Here is a quick list and links to informational posts about each fetish. If you want more of a description of everything, keep scrolling and we’ve got all that further down this post!


Fetish Information and Descriptions:


Adult Baby Diaper Fetish

One of of the fetishes you are sure to encounter at least once as a cam performer is diaperism or diaper fetish which involves, you guessed it, diapers (or nappies as some call them). There are two subsets of diaper fetish which are diaper lovers and adult babies. Diaper fetishists even have their own community, ABDL, which stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover.

Learn More: How To Do Adult Baby Diaper Clips / Camming Shows


Anal Fetish

Have you ever wondered about anal play but are too nervous to give it a try? Hopefully my anal series will help ease your mind. This comes from someone that usually does not do anal play, but I will try it once in awhile. For getting into anal play with someone, the key is having an understanding and patient partner (although you can explore anal play by yourself). It is important to know your body and listen to it. Anal play can be enjoyed by any gender and can even have health benefits.

Learn More: How To Do Anal Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Ass Fetish

Everyone’s got one, but are you sitting on a pile of cash without even knowing it? I’m talking about the ass, of course (I should have made that clear from the start). If you’ve spent any time at all in the adult entertainment industry, you’ll have noticed that while it’s not all about that (b)ass, the butt is big. I’m sorry, I’ll stop with the ridiculous phrasing and get to the point: In such a crowded segment of the adult entertainment industry, how can you shake your money maker for more than a few nickels and dimes?

Learn More: How To Do Ass Fetish Clips / Camming shows


Bath / Shower Fetish

Rub-a-dub dub, let’s have some fun in the tub! Doing wet scenes can be difficult. You do not want to ruin your equipment, make a mess of your space or develop any health issues. There are a few ways to avoid all this yet make your show or clip a success.

Learn More: How To Do Bath Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


BDSM / Bondage Fetish

I have been in the adult industry for over 15 years I have learned many things along the way, I want to share with you some of my experiences for you to learn from. Here are my personal experiences from my first bondage shoots. The major lessons learned: Know what’s going to be done in the shoots and don’t do anything you’re not familiar with! Also have safe words for every shoot and take all precautions possible!

Learn more: How To do BDSM / Bondage Clips and Camming Shows

Boot Fetish

Getting into the world of boot fetish is as easy as putting on a pair! Often rolled into the “shoe fetish”, boot fetish is a subset of clothing item fetishes. Like other clothing fetishes, cam shows are a great place to offer performances for boot fetishists. There are also a lot of options when it comes to boot fetish clips, and it is easy to combine boots with other fetishes or sex acts!

Learn more: How To Do Boot Fetish Clips and Cam Shows


Breast Torture Fetish

There is a common misconception that breast torture causes cancer. I have found no evidence that there is scientific proof of this being true. I adore breast torture being done to me, and I find that my breasts can take more pain than compared to my bum. When talking about breast torture, most people think of just tit-busting, but just like many other BDSM activities, there is a spectrum of activities that you can do with the breasts.

Learn More: How To Do Breast Torture Fetish Clips / Shows


Chasity Fetish

Chastity is a type of BDSM fantasy or play that involves the submissive giving up control of their sexual behavior to the dominant. This can include a variety of different means of denial of sexual behavior in the sub by the dom.  The most common way we see this particular fetish manifest in the cam world, and what most customers will be referring to when they seek chastity play, is where the sub indulges in the experience, or the fantasy of the experience of being locked up in a chastity device or penis cage/tube. These devices prevent the sub from masturbating, having sex, or comfortably becoming aroused.

Learn More: How To Do Chasity Fetish Clips / Shows


Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

Camgirl / clip producer Aerie_SM gives some tips and advise on how to do the “CBT” (Cock and Ball Torture) camming shows and clips. CBT can be a very fun fetish. Who doesn’t want to give customers instructions on how to torture their dick?

Learn More: How To Do Cock and Ball Torture Fetish Clips / Shows


Cosplay Fetish

Cosplay is very popular in both mainstream and adult. It’s also a great way to stand out from the crowd and add a unique twist to your clips or camming shows. For models who are concerned about people they personally know recognizing them, cosplay also allows them to incorporate wigs and other things that help mask their real identity. There’s even ways to get into character, even if you’re completely naked.

Learn More: How To Do Cosplay Fetish Clips / Shows


Cosplay Fetish (Femdom)

Cosplay ​is another creative direction that a Domme can use in Her clips. Most people are familiar with the Dominatrix in black leather in a dungeon setting with whips and other props. Many people are now becoming more familiar with a hot brat wearing a sexy outfit or bikini.

Learn More: How To Incorporate Cosplay Into Femdom


Cuckold Fetish

Cuckold fetish involves arousal and pleasure from the experience or fantasy of the experience of one’s wife or girlfriend (the “cuckoldress” or “hot wife”) being with another man. It’s a form of psychological sadomasochism and humiliation.  Cuckolding causes mental pain as opposed to physical pain.

Learn More: How To Do Cuckold Fetish Clips / Shows


Cum Eating Instructions (CEI) Fetish

CEI (Cum Eating Instructions) is a fairly popular fetish. This post will go over the fetish and talk about how performers can make money off CEI clips and camming shows. CEI can also be paired with other fetishes. If the customer hasn’t came yet, JOI / JOE and CEI can pair very well together. CEI also can be used as part of a domme / sub relationship. Here’s some tips for catering to the CEI fetish.

Learn More: How To Do Cum Eating Fetish (CEI) Clips / Shows


Daddy Fetish

The daddy fetish stems from DD/lg culture, being a “Daddy” means that you are dominant and in control of the submissive lg. Somehow over time, the DD/lg culture spread to mainstream outlets and the boom of daddy culture begun. Men enjoy being called Daddy because it puts them in a position of power.

Learn More: How To Do Daddy Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Dangling Shoe Fetish

“Dangling” or shoe dangling is a subset of shoe or foot fetish (or both).  It involves balancing shoes (typically slip-ons whether they be flats, high heels or flip flops) on one’s toes.  The dropping of the shoe can also be incorporated whether intentionally or just a natural occurrence of the failure of balancing well.

Learn More: How To Do Shoe Dangling Clips / Shows


Domme / Femdom

“Domme” is a massively popular type of camming, clip producing, and sexting has hit the indie adult market. Pretty much everyone knows what it is or has some minor experience with it if they’re sexually active outside of adult work, because you’ve probably been asked something along the lines of “are you more dominant or submissive?” “are you a top or bottom?” “WHO wears the pants?”. If you know the answer to those questions, and the answer is along the lines of you being a dominant power top who wears the pants, there’s a fairly good chance that you could make some income providing online domination services.

Learn More: How To Become An Internet Domme


Executrix Fetish

Executrix is a fetish in which ​a person fantasizes about being executed. It is perhaps obvious, yet still very important to note that the executrix fetish is a fantasy only. Obviously, no one, Domme or not, should ever actually attempt to end someone’s life.

Learn More: How To Do Executrix Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Farting Fetish

The fart fetish is a very big fetish. If you’r a gassy girl (or guy) that can consistently put out fart content, it can be especially profitable. For those that are not as gassy, camming shows can be a little difficult, to where as clips you can put off until you’ve got plenty of farts. There’s also different types of farts and different types of roleplaying that can be incorporated into the content.

Learn More: How To Do Fart Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Findom Fetish

Financial Domination is on the rise, not just in the adult industry but on social media (specifically, Twitter.) Many girls reach age of maturity and take to Twitter to enter the exciting world of Financial Domination, often mistaking it for Sugaring. . . or even understanding that it isn’t Sugaring and doing it primarily for “less work, more pay.”

Learn More: How To Do Findom Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Foot Fetish

The Foot Fetish is a very common fetish. Foot fetish is so popular that it there is a joke that floats around in mainstream media about “selling feet pics for quick cash.” The joke doesn’t exactly nail it on the head with “quick cash” but the point still stands that selling photos, videos, and live shows of your feet is a very popular topic.

Learn More: How To Do Foot Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Fuck Machine Fetish

Fuck Machines make fantastic props for clips because of their many uses. You can use them to simulate a partner in a POV position, which greatly increases the ability of styles you can cater to in clips. Fuck Machines work great for public show countdowns on token sites because they draw a lot of attention, and many viewers will want to see you use such a “high caliber” toy. There are models who double or even triple their usual counts for a Fuck Machine show because of how “special” of a toy it is.

Learn More: Doing Fuck Machine Clips and Camming Shows


Fur Fetish

I get asked a lot people asking if I’m rich because of my extensive fur coat collection. If I were, I would be so busy shopping and doing interesting charity work that you wouldn’t even know about me. What started off as one fur coat back in 2003 has turned into over 40. Do I count the cheap damaged rabbit furs that I am rough on until they are totally destroyed, or rip up, or burn?

Learn More: How To do Fur Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Futanari / Futa Fetish

There is a new fetish taking over clip sites, it’s popping up all over twitter feeds, in video titles and girls are making lots of videos containing it… you may be surprised by what it is: Futanari. If you are familiar with hentai you may have already had some run ins with this genre, but recently (likely due to the increase in cosplay porn) it has made its way into “reality” porn instead of just cartoon.

Learn More: How To Do Futanari Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Giantess Fetish

Giantess is a fetish in which the female is very large (a female giant, aka the “Giantess”) and the male is very, very small in comparison. Typically, the male is no bigger than the size of the Giantess’ index finger and no smaller than the size of an ant – though there are exceptions, of course. In my experience, most males desire to be the very size of small insects, such as ants.

Learn More: How To Do Giantess Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The girlfriend experience is a very personal thing to offer to members. A lot of members who seek out something of this sort are busy people who can’t fit a relationship into their life or can’t take the time/effort to build a relationship with someone, so buying a service makes the process much easier rather than having to “wine and dine” someone.

Learn More: How To Do GFE Clips / Camming Shows


Halloween Fetish

Halloween is not only a holiday, but it’s also a fetish. Halloween is great, because all the content can also double as cosplay content, but Halloween content becomes incredibly popular around the fall. Many models state that Halloween is by far the most popular and profitable holiday for them.

Learn More: How To Do Halloween Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Jack Off Instructions (JOI)

JOI is where the performer (camgirl, clip producer, ect) gives instructions to a guy on how to jack off their dick JOI can be integrated into tons of other types of shows, clips and fetishes. This includes vanilla shows / fetishes, as well as domme / sub shows and fetishes.

Learn More: How To Do JOI Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Muscle Fetish

Muscle fetish can be catered to in a variety of ways and incorporate all types of muscles. Oiling and flexing are very popular and very much enjoyed by people who seek out muscle fetish and worship clips. Martial arts and wrestling are also much loved themes that muscle fetish can be combined with. Workouts and weight lifting are options as well.

Learn More: How To Do Muscle Fetish Clips


Nail Tapping Fetish

The sound of nails tapping can sometimes remind customers of previous events that relaxed them, or even just the sound and presence of a person there tapping their fingers can calm or excite them. Nail tapping also falls vaguely under the fingernail fetish category, in which people just like the look/shape/color of fingernails.

Learn More: How To Do Nail Tapping Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Odd Insertion Fetish

The odd insertion fetish is sticking weird things up the vagina (or ass). What can go up your vagina and what can’t? What are the dangers of odd insertions? These are the main questions I want to answer as I offer some tips for Odd Insertion.

Learn More: How To Do Odd Insertion Clips / Camming Shows


Pantyhose Fetish

The pantyhose/stockings fetish is a very popular niche that blends well with both vanilla content and other fetishes. As a clothing item, including pantyhose or stockings in a straightforward masturbation video, or in femdom videos, can broaden the appeal of that video to fetishists. In addition to researching your video ideas in the usual manner, the following 4 tips will help take your pantyhose content to the next level.

Learn More: How To do Pantyhose Fetish Clips / Camming shows


Pee / Piss / Golden Shower Fetish

The pee fetish is all about pee. Whether it’s simply pissing or being covered in pee. Ever since the story came out about Trump being into water sports it has every one talking. Which means the popularity of water sport clips and cam shows has increased, it’s time to cash in on this trend, here are a few pointers.

Learn More:


Pregnancy Fetish

The pregnancy fetish is a kink that is becoming more popular among the cam community, and some of us girls have one question… why? Well after some dedicated research I am ready to explain to you why pregnancy is so appealing to men.

Learn More: How To Do Pregnancy Fetish Clips / Camming shows


Sissification Fetish

The sissification fetish is where a male is treated as a “Sissy”, which is a male that is made to act like a female. Sissification is very much a domme/sub relationship, and you’ll need a dominate personality in order to be good as sissification. There’s also a lot of other fetishes that can be combined with sissification.

Learn More: How To Do Sissification Fetish Clips / Camming shows


Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish is a very common fetish and has been for as long as I can remember. It started way back in the early days where cigarettes were marketed as a “trendy” item for hot women to puff on, somehow hightening their attractiveness. While many people today may not even realize it, cigarette smoking can sometimes make or break how attractive a person seems. I personally (being bisexual) have always thought women who smoked did appear attractive, but what is the mentality behind this?

Learn More: How To Do Smoking Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) Fetish

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fetish where someone, usually a female domme, insults the size of the viewers dick. SPH is commonly associated and combined with other forms of humiliation and is well suited for femdom models. In addition to SPH, there’s other forms of penis humiliation that are common. Sometimes you’ll have to go with other forms of humiliation, especially if the customer requesting the show has a big dick. Here’s how to perform these style of shows.

Learn More: How To Do SPH Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Sneezing Fetish

The sneezing fetish is all about the loss of control, so don’t be afraid to let yourself go when you sneeze. Whatever noises you make, however your face and body move, just let it happen on camera! As with most body function fetishes, it is important for the sneeze to be real, even if it is “forced” using one of our tips. Acting and faking a sneeze is a quick way to make sure you never get repeat buyers!

Learn More: How To Do Sneezing Fetish Clips and Cam Shows


Sock Fetish

Everyone knows about the foot fetish, but do you know much about it’s lesser known sister: the sock fetish? Sock fetishes can be divided into two large categories, the fetishist who loves the sock, or the fetishist who loves the foot that is in the sock but only with the sock on. You can dive even deeper into these categories and find many fun and sometimes odd things to do with the fetish, but at the end of the day when you begin to produce sock clips or provide sock cam shows, you’re going to want to know if your customer is an all about the sock or foot guy (or girl, whatever. We don’t judge!)

Learn More: How To Do Sock Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Toe Fetish

Once you begin to get experience within foot fetish, you will quickly discover that there are several niches within feet that offer a lot of ideas and opportunities to create content. Toe fetish is a niche within the foot fetish world that involves a sexual attraction to…toes! There are a variety of sub-categories within toe fetish that are easy to combine in one video, which makes it a fetish that can have broader appeal to generate more sales.

Learn More: How To Do Toe Fetish Clips and Cam Shows


Tickling Fetish

Tickling is a niche fetish that is easy to shoot and can be fun if executed properly. Tickling seems like a harmless fetish but it can be quite tortuous. Tickling can help vent out aggression or it can make you feel like you spent hours in the gym. Be sure you are aware it’s torturous nature first, or aggression can cause someone to get unintentionally hurt.

Learn More: How To Do Tickling Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Underwater Fetish

The “underwater fetish” by its very nature is better suited to clips than cam shows. Bath and shower cam shows are very popular, but they typically don’t go far enough to satisfy the underwater fetishist. For the underwater fetish you will need to submerge your full body – or at the very least your entire head – and provide a clear view of your face and body while they are underwater.

Learn More: How To Do Underwater Fetish Clips and Cam Shows


Vaginal Fisting Fetish

“Handballing”, “fist-fucking”, best known as “fisting”, tends to be a very misunderstood fetish. Many sites (clips or cam) do not allow it due to obscenity laws. But if you are lucky and live in an area where these laws aren’t in play, you can find a few cam sites or clip stores that actually allow it. Be sure to read the rules on each site. They are all different and fisting may be a serious no-no.

Learn More: How To Do Vaginal Fisting Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Vore Fetish

Vore or Vorarephilia derives from the Latin term vorare, which means to swallow or devour. The fetish is all about wanting to be swallowed or eaten by another person or a creature. There’s usually more of a focus on being swallowed whole, but sometimes chewing is incorporated into it. This is not the same as sexual cannibalism, as it’s about being eaten alive, opposed to being expired before being eaten.

Learn More: How To Do Vore Fetish Clips / Camming Shows


Wet and Messy (WAM) Fetish

We have talked about shower and bath shows before, so let’s talk about another related fetish: “Wet And Messy”. Also known as WAM. WAM is just what the name implies: You get wet, messy and covered in a wide range of liquids or food. Here’s how to do wet and messy cam shows and clips.

Learn More: How To Do Wet and Messy Fetish Clips / Shows

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