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Some aspects of phone sex are easy to adapt to for cam models: after all, we talk dirty all the time, and phone sex is just the dirty talk without the video stream, right? And some fetishes lend themselves to audio-only sessions quite easily, especially femdom-related fetishes like SPH, financial domination, JOI, and CEI. Limiting yourself to just female domination in the phone sex world will also limit your earnings, though, when there is a very under-served market for fetish phone sex operators. Translating a fetish with a very visual aspect like feet, shoes, pantyhose, ass worship, etc, into words is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect, but one that can become very lucrative.

Make A List

Write down all of the words you can think of that you associate with the fetish. If you’re stuck, try using thesaurus.com to find synonyms for words in your list. Focus particularly on adjectives, because callers want you to be as descriptive as possible. Need more ideas? Watch one of your own fetish videos and try to describe what you’re doing in it. Add those verbs to your list. This can be as simple as a list of words to inspire you, or it can develop into a loose script to use for new callers while you get comfortable with fetish calls.

Example: For the pantyhose fetish, your list might include sheer, nylon, stretchy, slippery, sliding, friction, silky, nearly invisible, whispering sounds, gliding, gusset, nearly nude, teasing.

Add Naughty Prompts

Next, take your list and flesh it out with sexy actions and activities that will appeal to callers. Don’t just focus on overtly sexual actions like blowjobs or intercourse–instead, zero in on activities that bring the caller into close proximity with the fetish object of their desire.

Example: For the foot fetish, obviously you’d include a footjob, but you might also include rubbing your feet on their face, massaging their ball sack with your toes, sliding each toe into their mouth to be sucked.

Ask Questions

Use each call as an opportunity get feedback on your list. Remember that phone sex calls are very similar to camming in that clients are looking for active, personalized interaction, not scripted performances. You can gauge the direction of the call, as well as get feedback on the descriptive language you’re using by asking questions during the call that have simple answers (remember, your caller has his hands full!) and won’t interrupt the flow of the scenario you are creating.

Example: For the ass worship fetish, you might ask “do you like it when I spread my cheeks to give you a peek?”

Take Notes

While you can use your site’s built-in notes feature to keep track of preferences for individual callers–and this is a great place to write out which fetish(es) a particular caller likes for future reference–you should take fetish notes in a location that is accessible to you during any call. Although each call is unique in some way, there are commonalities between clients that are aroused by the same fetish, and as you gain experience in fetish phone sex calls, you can use your post-call notes to build on each interaction to give all of your callers a better call. Underline or highlight words that elicited a strong reaction, and use your callers’ words to add to your list–often fetishists have specific shared vocabularies that you can note down and use to your advantage.

I still have my notes from when I began offering fetish phone sex calls several years ago. Whenever I feel that my calls are getting stale, or if I am struggling to click with a new caller with a particular fetish, I return to my lists and immediately get a boost of confidence. Although I have always felt on solid ground with more vanilla phone sex calls because dirty talk comes naturally to most experienced cam models, fetish calls intimidated me at the start. Some fetishes seem to demand visuals to fulfill the desire, but I have yet to find a fetish, fantasy, or scenario that can’t be successfully translated into a phone sex call with a few synonyms and a well-placed moan or two.

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