Using deadlines to create FOMO and drive fan sign-ups

Disappearing content has been popular for a while now, with Snapchat originating the form and Instagram copying the 24 hour “story” concept. What you may not realize is that several adult fan club platforms (including OnlyFans and JustForFans) also offer the option to post disappearing content. Using these features (and properly promoting the content on social media) can be a good way to create FOMO (fear of missing out) and prompt people who have been on the fence to finally subscribe to your fan club. There are two main types of disappearing content: daily “story” content, and longer-term, time-limited content.

How to Use Story Content

“Story” features are similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories, where the content is based around photos and very short videos, often taken directly on the device you then upload from, that disappear within a day or 2. The best use of this feature is to post candid content, perhaps photos or videos taken behind-the-scenes while you film amateur porn videos, while you are camming, or some peeks at your “offline” life. When you promote your fan club, mention that you post frequent story content, but that it’s only there for a day, so every day they wait, they’re missing out!

How to Use Time-Limited Content

The best way to use longer-term time-limited content is by re-purposing a higher-value piece of content that you ordinarily would not include in your fan club feed. If you regularly shoot vanilla or fetish videos, you likely have a pool of content to draw from. Post a video and make it available for 3-7 days only, then hit social media and use your video GIFs and previews to draw in interested customers. Make it clear that the video will only be available for X number of days, so to see the content, they need to subscribe now.

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