Taking a customer service approach to camming results in more regular customers

While an adult webcam model may not be working at a call centre, a restaurant, or a retail store, they’re still in a customer service job. Providing good customer service as a cam model will increase your number of return customers, creating the kind of fans who will pay for cam shows, buy your porn videos, and subscribe to your fan club. Remembering to just go the extra few inches when it comes to customer service will give your interactions a nice polish that makes them memorable. You don’t have to be a doormat–the webcam customer isn’t always right, and there are a lot of rude and creepy customers out there–but even the most aloof and superior domme can benefit from a customer service mindset.

Be friendly, polite, and approachable

While some models find success in demanding tips for any interaction, including answering straightforward questions about their cam shows, it’s not a strategy that works for most. Even if your cam persona is very glamourous and mysterious you can still maintain an approachable attitude. Yes, you will answer the same 5 questions dozens of times every shift, but you can also make a copy-paste answer if it bothers you. In your public cam room, members see how you treat the others, and that can affect their choice to ask a question or do a show with you. Not every member question is a sneaky plot to get free sexy talk–often it’s actually an attempt to make sure you offer what they want before they start spending money.

Finish the fantasy

You are selling the fantasy the entire time your cam is live, so make every last second count. When a private or group show has come to a climax, but there are still customers in the room who can see your cam, don’t just stand up and start cleaning up like you just finished washing the dishes. Your pleasure may or may not have been faked, but dropping the act at the end will make it very clear that you weren’t as into it as you looked. Give things an extra rub, bite your lip, run your hand through your hair as you casually pick up your clothes. Those extra few seconds while the camera is still on really help sell the illusion that everything that just happened was real, and so good that it is lingering on.

Know your customer

You don’t need to write chapter and verse on every lurker who tips 1 token, but when you have a customer spending a decent amount of money in your public chat room or paying for a private show, it’s worth spending some time taking notes. Most cam sites have a space for you to track notes on members, but if they don’t, go to the dollar store and buy a cheap address book. Jot down a few notes in the appropriate alphabetical section by user name. Again, it doesn’t have to be detailed, but being able to “remember” a customer’s real name, preferred sex toy, and what type of cam shows they like really makes them feel special–and you don’t need to reveal that it’s actually your notes, not your memory, doing the heavy lifting.

Say thank you

Yes, you put on a great show and deserve a “thanks” from your customer, but they deserve your gratitude, too! Thanking members for tips is one thing, but I have found that saying “thank you for doing a show with me today” at the end of a private show is a simple thing that members remember. It’s simple and polite and adds a nice little ending to a private show–and it’s easy and free to do!

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