Best Chaturbate Apps and Bots for New Cam Models

One of the best things about camming on Chaturbate is the customization available to models through the use of apps and bots. If you’re new to Chaturbate, though, the world of bots and apps can be intimidating and overwhelming. The search function is a bit hit-or-miss, and with a world of duplicate and custom apps/bots to wade through, it’s easy to pick a complicated program that ends up being more of a hinderance than a help. With that in mind, we’ve sifted through the best bots and apps to find a few that will help you manage your cam room, reach your tip goals, and offer special shows to your viewers. Add them to your favorites list and try them next time you’re online! You can run one app and up to 3 bots while you are streaming on Chaturbate.

Best Apps for Chaturbate Beginners

Tip Goal: This is the most basic of all the apps. This app allows you to set a custom tip goal and then tracks the token count, automatically reducing the remaining balance until you reach your goal.

Tip Multi-Goal: Take your countdown a step further by automating multiple goals. This app automatically starts your next countdown as you complete the current goal, allowing you to stack goals. This is especially great for stripping goals, and doesn’t require resetting your “Tip Goal” app each time.

Crazy Ticket: This app allows you to sell tickets for a private show for a fixed token price. You can choose to set a countdown timer before the show starts, or a ticket goal to reach before you will start the show. You can also manually add members to the show without requiring payment, allowing you to give special perks to members.

Best Bots for Chaturbate Newbies

The Menu: This is the best tip menu bot or app I’ve found on Chaturbate (and I’ve tried out far too many). You can choose whether you want the menu to be single line or multi-line, change the separators and text color, and have your menu automatically sorted. It automatically shows the tip menu to new viewers, and allows you to select how often you want it to display to the whole room. It also works with anonymous tippers. You can also use it as an auto-responder, as well as change features of the list while you are live streaming. It is no more complicated than a tip menu needs to be while still allowing you to customize the menu to suit your style and your shows.

Rotating Notifier: This bot allows you to post up to 10 messages that rotate at a time interval that you choose. It’s a very simple bot with minimal settings, but is great to use to remind viewers to follow you on social media, add you to their Chaturbate favorites, buy your photo sets and videos, etc. You can change the text color and use emotes as well.

No Grey Demands Graphics Caps: Grey users (no tokens, and no card on file) can be banned from chatting in the settings of the gear icon on the broadcast page. If you do want grey users to be able to chat in your cam room, but would like to prevent them from being rude or making demands, you can turn on this bot. You can select which group of words you want blocked (from lists including demands, spam, rude, baby, and feet), as well as muting all-caps messages, non-English characters, and repeated letters (such as mmmmmmm). Activating this bot does not affect messages sent by users who have tokens in any way.

antispambots: Spam has become an increasing issue in Chaturbate cam rooms, with grey users spamming links for other models or even other porn sites in random rooms. It has gotten so bad that manually banning the spammers barely puts a dent in the problem, and it can really ruin the vibe of a room. This bot requires grey users to use a captcha before they are able to post in chat. Note: this bot MUST be run in the “Bot #3” slot to avoid interference from other bots or apps.


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