How to use free trials to increase OnlyFans subscriptions

If you have an OnlyFans account, chances are that you have already run a discount or free trial promotion. You’ve probably also seen a surge in signups, only to find that very few of the free trials convert into paid subscribers after the free period ends. With the right incentives and content schedule, though, you can make those free trials convert at a higher rate, making it less of a giveaway and more of an investment in future subscribers. I have run both incredibly successful (60% conversion to paid subscriptions) and unsuccessful (2.5% conversion) free trial campaigns, along with hitting almost every conversion rate in between, and I have learned that 3 things make for a successful promotion using OnlyFans free trials.

1. Limit your OnlyFans free trials

There are 3 ways to put limits on your OnlyFans free trials: how many trials are available, how long the trials are available to claim, and the length of the free trial itself. Finding the right balance of these 3 factors for myself has taken a while, so you may have to try a few times before you hit the sweet spot. This idea of limitation should also extend to how often you offer OnlyFans free trials. While mainstream retailers like Fashion Nova have made the “perma-sale” a part of everyday life, having frequent free trial promotions will erode the value of your account and is likely to prevent customers from becoming paid subscribers.

  • How many trials are available: The number of OnlyFans free trials that are available depends partly on the size of your following – a model with 3k social media followers will probably have fewer free trials available than one with 30k – and partly on how much FOMO (fear of missing out) you want to create. Having the free trials snapped up quickly creates the appearance that your account is very popular, and ensures that followers who see the social media post will immediately click to claim their free trial, rather than scrolling by, thinking they’ll come back to it.
  • How long the trials are available to claim: In addition to limiting the number of free trials, you can also limit the length of time that they are available for customers to claim. Ideally, you will have the right number of free trials available that they’ll be snapped up in 24 hours or less, but if you’re not sure that you’ve got the right number, make the promotion only available for 2 or 3 days. Again, this increases that feeling of FOMO, and prompts followers to sign up immediately, because they know that they cannot wait or they will miss out.
  • The length of the free trial: 7 days is a popular length for OnlyFans free trials, because it gives the customer enough time to explore your previous content, shows that your current content is consistent, but doesn’t give away so much that you risk the customer taking the access for granted, or getting bored or overwhelmed by your feed. More than 7 free days is too much, and should only be used for extremely targeted promotions or as prizes for giveaways, etc.

2. Queue content for quality and consistency

When you’re trying to convince people that your content is worth paying for on a monthly subscription basis, quality and consistency is key. Customers will be looking at both your existing feed, as well as what you post during the free trial period. This is not the time to rely on uploading content manually every day. Use the convenient queueing feature within OnlyFans to make sure that there are no hiccups in your content flow during your OnlyFans free trials promotions. In fact, I use the queue feature almost exclusively, and am regularly working 2-4 weeks in advance. If you’re not quite there yet, commit to queueing for the 7 days of your OnlyFans free trials to get the most out of the promotion. Having queued content during the trial means you have the time to respond to messages and prepare your hook to convert free trials into paid subscribers.

3. Use a hook to prompt conversions

If you properly limited the time frame in which people could claim your OnlyFans free trials, then all of the trials should be expiring within the same 24-48 hour period. This is the perfect time to make your free trial fans aware that there is something great coming up that their trial will expire just in time to miss! I do this using a combination of disappearing content and discounted monthly subscription prices. The day before the first free trials expire, I send out a message to all of my fans, telling them that I’m posting something special about 48 hours after the final free trials are set to expire. I usually make this a long video that is for sale on my clip sites for several multiples of my OnlyFans subscription price. I attach the video’s preview (which I already have, as it’s a regular video that I sell) and tell them that the video will only be available in my feed for a certain number of days, and then it will be gone. This creates FOMO and forces free subscribers who might be on the fence about paying for a subscription to make a choice, instead of just passively allowing their free trial to run out. I pair this strategy with discounted subscription prices for new and returning subscribers, and I promote the sale and disappearing video on my free OnlyFans account, as well.

OnlyFans free trials can be a great way to show potential customers that you offer consistent content of great quality, but you have to put in a bit of work to make them work for you. Keep track of how different promotions perform for you, and what combination of factors is in place for your successful campaigns. Keeping a record like this will make it quick and easy to run successful promotions using OnlyFans free trials at any time of the year!


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