Improve your dirty talking in Live Webcam Shows

Do you struggle with dirty talking during shows? Dirty talking is one of the most important parts about streaming. It adds a descriptive element that replaces the lack of physical interaction in a sexual interaction and provides a more memorable experience for your clients. It can be nerve wracking to tackle dirty talking and naughty conversations, especially if in your own sex life you’re not very vocal, but you can overcome that anxiety with practice! 

Focus on your Confidence 

An integral part of good dirty talk is being confident in taking the lead. Since you’re performing the show you’re going to be leading the initiative in your speaking; this doesn’t mean you have to be dominant but it does mean you have to be confident enough to describe what you’re doing in detail and prompt your customer to respond. 

Ask Questions 

It’s important to ask questions throughout your dirty talk that encourage the customer to respond. It can be simple like “does that feel good?” or more situation dependent like “should I use my tongue here?” etc. 

It adds an element of “realistic pleasure” to the experience when they feel involved in the fantasy. It also provides them the opportunity to redirect if you’re not doing what they had in mind. 

Do some Research 

If you’re not used to dirty talking or feel like your language base for dirty talk may be a bit simple or stale; try watching some dirty talking videos or reading some good quality erotica. It can be amazing for providing you with ideas for your sessions!

Remember to Tease

You don’t have to jump right into the super naughty dirty talk and it’s actually better for your earnings to add elements of teasing to the dirty talk to increase the length of your cam shows. Get very descriptive with elements of getting turned on and don’t jump straight to the sex dirty talk. Yes, you can have dirty talk about foreplay! Tell your viewers what turns you on and gets you feeling wild, ask them what turns them on. Make it a collaborative effort and have some verbal foreplay.

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