Popular clip site ManyVids has changed their layout and people have mixed feelings

ManyVids recently launched a large layout change to their platform on profile pages in particular that has left some performers on the platform very upset. While the default profile page still goes to the club activity page (which was a change made a while ago that had performers very upset as well, it’s a video site y’all, feature the videos first) they’ve removed the automatic feed posts which share when a model sells content or receives contest votes and tips which is an understandable thing to remove for models who frequently make sales but considering the vast majority of their performers are struggling to make conversions due to the search functionality on the site underperforming and selective promotion of “favorites.”

There is also the addition of a sale ticker but instead of being a site wide sale ticker to provide promotion for all models across the website; it is a profile specific ticker which highlights your recently sold club subscriptions. While the profile layout does appear to be more “mobile friendly” and gives the impression of a social media profile now, the lack of focus on video content and the removal of a feature that helped models utilize the social features of ManyVids without needing to put in extra work is definitely a let down.

Videos no longer show timestamps on your profile page, award icons are no longer shown, the video preview section where you select teasers to display at the top of your profile is gone, there is no longer an “about me” link to models physical attributes/stats and extended bio, star ratings no longer display on the profile, the portrait is no longer what appears on your profile and it is now the avatar (leaving the portrait serving no purpose), rank was removed from profile, you can no longer sort the club tab to view your own posts, and there are probably more issues which still have not been uncovered.

Models took to social media to voice concerns

But some models enjoyed the change!

What do you think?

The feedback is mixed but there is definitely a lot that has changed about the profile layout. What are your thoughts on the changes? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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