Camgirls: How To Deal With Creepers

Every camming model has probably dealt with “creepy” commentary online at some point, especially in our current internet driven age of existence. Whether it be a compliment that just didn’t come out right, a bad joke, or actually creepiness at hand, it still leaves the reader with that feeling of “well THAT was weird!” In the adult industry these kind of interactions tend to be amplified, and although sometimes it is a case of things not coming out right, sometimes there can be a lot of genuinely unsettling comments or interactions that leave you wondering how to deal with it appropriately.


Analyze What Was Said / How It Was Said

First things first, you should analyze the interaction. Did they say something super crazy and scary? Those are the hardest situations to deal with, and if it’s repetitive then you may end up with someone stalking or harassing you. Dealing with stalking and harassment in the adult industry is especially difficult because online people have the ability to use VPNs and change usernames, log in from different locations, and buy new devices so banning someone from one singular account won’t always get you very far.


Reporting Stalkers / Harassment To The Site

If you are receiving persistent unwanted communications from someone, continue to ban and block the accounts and if it follows onto your camming sites or clip sites, you should also let the support of those sites know about your situation. If the situation is deemed to be bad enough, sometimes the sites will even ban that person from their platform entirely which could save other models from the headache of dealing with that person.


Reporting Threats To Law Enforcement

Also keep in mind that threats are never okay, and what might seem like an “internet troll” could actually be far more serious. You should always report instances of threats to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. You can also report certain types of stalking and harassment to the police, especially if you believe it puts you or others at risk.


Handling Creepy (But Not Dangerous) Comments

Creepy commentary can be upsetting even if it doesn’t reach a level of stalking or harassment. So what is the best way to handle comments you find creepy if they weren’t super intense, or even from a regular customer? If it’s from a stranger or someone you’re unfamiliar with, odds are that blocking them or ignoring them will usually be enough to show them that their comment wasn’t cool.


Dealing With Creepy Comments From Regulars

If it’s from a regular customer, you should consider how close you are and go from there. A customer who visits you regularly may have either said something in a playful way but it came out wrong, which you should definitely correct them on. They may have also misunderstood their boundaries with you which is also something that should be pointed out. You should never feel afraid or uncomfortable correcting your customers.


Having A FAQ / List of Do’s and Don’ts

Just because they pay you doesn’t mean they are entitled to say whatever they want to you, especially when you are clear about your boundaries. Some good ways to avoid awkward situations like that may be to have a FAQ of some sort on your site or when people sign up for your services that highlights some things that you’re not okay with. It helps prevent miscommunication from the start, rather than having to sort through it as it happens.

For example: when people join my premium Snapchat I have a copy and paste section in my notes that I sent that thanks members for joining, explains that they can send photos but I don’t send back on demand, and that I do not sext. It also tells them where they can find sexting services if they’re interested. Rerouting things that could potentially make me uncomfortable to a place where they can actively find it helps them and helps me!

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