Camgirls: Reselling Recorded Camming Shows As Clips

Selling recorded cam shows as clips can be beneficial for keeping your clip stores active. It can also be a useful tool for having a membership site stay consistently updated, for models who prioritize camming over clip production. Generally, models who record their live shows will find it easier to record and resell shows that are public camming shows with no specific name usages. It makes it easier to resell without the need for extensive editing. Although you can also edit out names from private camming shows for resale as well, keep in mind doing this may violate the privacy and trust of the person who viewed the show and paid to see the show if it was intended to be exclusive to them.


Easily Recording Camming Shows With Encoders

Selling recorded cam shows can easily be done if you use an encoder to stream. Luckily, the most common encoder accepted by cam sites is OBS, which makes it very easy to record while streaming. You can chose to record moments of your stream by setting a hotkey to start and stop recording, or if you want to be sure to not miss any hot moments, you can record your entire stream and clip it down in editing. If you do decide to record your stream using OBS or a similar encoder, keep in mind that anything in the encoder will be included in your recording. This will include your watermarks, so if you don’t have the same name across all sites, and you cam with your watermark on, you may have to crop that part of the scene out. Some settings within encoders also include your speaker sounds (music, notifications, etc) so make sure this is turned off if you want a video without external sounds.


Using Recorded Camming Shows For Fan Club Content

Some models find it convenient to have a “special club” that people enter on a subscription-style basis (weekly, monthly, yearly) and post show recordings there for members who may miss the show due to other obligations, or as a way for members who were there for the show to keep a hard copy of it, since live streams are often a “one and done” type thing.



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