Buying Bulk Panties For Panty Selling

When you buy in bulk, you tend to save money due to the fact you’re getting more of an item for less of an investment. This will result in you making a higher profit when selling these goods. Although there are some drawbacks to bulk buys (for example: some customers prefer to buy heavily used items or items that are valuable to the model) for the most part it is a beneficial business practice. If you invest in good quality bulk items, you’ll also be more likely to wear these items often which may spark customers interest in them. So where is the best place to bulk buy tangible items for selling?


Buying Panties From Amazon / eBay

Buying panties in bulk really depends on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for something cheap, that you aren’t planning to wear often, you can try bulk ordering panties on Amazon. eBay also has bulk ordering options, but I’ve only used Amazon so they are all that I can currently recommend. The benefits are that most of the time you can get panties as cheap as $1 per piece when ordering in bulk, but the downside is that the quality may not be the greatest, they may be uncomfortable, and they may come in weird/different patterns and styles that you don’t like. For quick sells, these are great. For regular use before sale, it may not be the best.


Don’t Want To Buy Bulk? Try Victoria’s Secret Clearance

If you’re looking for something that you’ll get some use out of before getting rid of the item, try taking advantage of sales. Victoria’s Secret constantly has clearance items, they also have their semi-annual sale. This is a fantastic time to scoop up some cheaper panties (usually around $3.50 per pair) from a reputable company. Since you’ll be able to pick your style/pattern/and more you’ll be more likely to wear these items regularly and possibly get some interest from customers. This doesn’t apply to only Victoria’s Secret though, make sure to always take advantage of sales when shopping for items you’ll be reselling! Also save your receipts as they can become tax write-offs!



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