Information On Selling Feet Pics

Are you interested in getting paid from selling feet pics? Selling feet pics is something that’s regularly memed and joked about, but there is actually money for feet pics. The foot fetish is actually a really big fetish and there’s a lot of money to be made from selling foot photos, as well as videos. Today, we’re going to be focusing on the feet pics and not the videos, although clips is something that everyone can explore as well.

Taking Care of Your Feet

If you’re planning on selling feet pics, it’s important to make sure that your feet are well taken care of. Go get a pedicure, invest in a pumice stone, make sure your nails are clipped and make sure that your feet are clean in general. When selling feet pics, your feet are your money makers and they need to be treated accordingly! People like pretty feet and if you want top dollar for your feet pics, your feet better look great!


Finding Feet Pic Customers

Before you can sell feet pics, you gotta find customers who are wanting to buy feet pics. You can find customers via social media, but that’s not as consistent and as valuable as finding customers on camming sites or clip sites. If you’re already involved with sex work, there’s a good chance that you’re already on many of these sites and social networks. If not, you should jump into it, as building a brand and customer-base will encourage the sales of feet pics as well as other content.


How To Accept Payments For Feet Pics

PayPal might seem the most logical route to go, but this is not the case. Although PayPal is finally starting to come around and support some sites on payouts, they’re not a high-risk payment processor and don’t allow people to use the platform to charge for sexual / adult-oriented services. For that reason, it’s suggested to use sex worker friendly payment methods. If you’re selling on a clip site or other network, they’ll provide the payment processing for you and provide cashouts in the payout method of your choice.


Taking The Foot Photos

The next step is actually taking the feet photos. This way you have them produced and readily available. You might get requests for custom feet pics, but it never hurts to have a collection of pre-produced photos that you can sell as well. You want to make sure there’s good lighting, the angles are good and the photos are all around high quality.

It’s important to know what people like about feet:

  • Toes
  • Soles
  • The Foot’s Arches

It’s also possible to pose your feet in different ways, as demonstrated in the video.


Watermarking Your Content

It’s very important to watermark your content. People will post your feet pics to social media and other sites without your permission. If watermarked, it provides a level of promotion for your feet pics. It also makes it easier to identify stolen content and prove to the webmasters that it really belongs to you. This can get the stolen content removed. Remember: If people are able to get it for free, there’s less incentives to purchase it from you.


Promoting Your Feet Pics

It’s also important to promote the fact that you’ve got feet pics for sale. If you’re selling your feet pics on a clip site, camming site or other network, they’ll provide tons of traffic that will automatically gain you exposure. Social media is another route that you can go.


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