The top 5 places to promote Skype cam shows

Skype models earn a higher payout percentage than cam models on big box sites, but they have to earn those extra percentage points! While some Skype platforms have traffic (more on that below), most of the customers you get will be ones that you bring to your site yourself. If you are already on a regular cam site, you can’t just drop your Skype ID in the chat and let guys hit you up for shows–that’s going to get you suspended or banned really quickly. So, if you can’t tell your cam site fans to look for you on Skype, where can you promote your Skype shows?

1. Social Media

This one is obvious, right? When you’re available for Skype shows, make sure you are tweeting out your payment link and associated info every 20-30 minutes, along with a hot photo of what you’re currently wearing. When you’re offline, make posts that remind people to bookmark you or add you on Skype for your next shift!

2. Fan Clubs

If you’ve got a fan club, then you’ve got a group of customers that you already know are willing to spend money on you–and a place to take their payment! Post your schedule and encourage your fans to message you to set up a show. As long as you’re not trying to take them off-site for payments, you shouldn’t be breaking any rules. Most popular fan clubs pay at or around 80%, which makes them one of the highest-paying options anyway.

3. Clip Sites

Some clip sites (including Manyvids) have an option to take payments for “video chat”, but other clip sites can also be great places to mention that you offer Skype shows. Post your Skype ID in your bio/profile, mention it when you use the on-site messaging system to update your followers on your latest videos, or even add it to the credits card of your clips themselves!

4. Tube Sites

Pornhub has a space to link a website, which can be your chosen Skype site, or you can put your Skype info in your profile paragraph. You can also post photos with information written on them, or add the info to credit cards, as mentioned above.

5. Listing Sites

Skype listing sites come in several different forms. From sites that offer plugins that charge your customer per-minute like SkyPrivate to adult classified sites where you can promote whatever link you want, there is a wide variety. SkyPrivate, Cammodel Directory, and Niteflirt are 3 of the top Skype-based sites, and they all have their own traffic. When you are listed on those sites though, any customers you get through them will need to pay through that site, and not moved off-site for payment.


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