Turnkey adult websites are in high demand

The need for turnkey adult platforms is growing in demand as the adult industry spreads and the demand for more sites with better options grows, as a webmaster you may be asking yourself which turnkey solution is best for you. Generally you will narrow your options down to Adent or ModelNet, both of which are great turnkey solutions with options to install for you which takes all the technical hassle out of starting your own website, which can be one of the greatest hurdles when starting an adult site.

Which website is best if I’m looking to build a camming site?

Both Modelnet and Adent have options for creating a camming site, while Adent also dabbles in many other adult site themes, Modelnet specializes in it. Modelnet is also packed with features that make it the more desirable format for a camming site including: full mobile compatibility, multiple templates, built in affiliate system, and more. Due to the nature of Modelnets more comprehensive webcamming platform – the price tag runs much higher than Adents option.

  • Better Price: Adent
  • Better Features: Modelnet
  • Option to edit source code: Both
  • Cheaper to start: Modelnet (Offers monthly option opposed to one time fee)
  • Cheaper lifetime license: Adent
  • Integrated Model API: Adent
  • Creative Freedom: Modelnet
  • Custom Work Option: Both
  • On-site Hosting: Modelnet

Which website is best if I’m looking to build a clip / tube site?

For clip or tube sites, Adent will be your best option. Modelnet has a camming script and a fan club script but no script exclusively for clip based websites. Adent also offers more options for platform scripts and you can work with them to edit your site to make it the perfect fit for what you are looking for in a website.


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