Building A Website For A Webcam Model

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How To Easily Build A Profitable Website For Adult Stars

A website is one of the most important marketing tools for camgirls, porn producers and other performers in the adult industry. A model website can be used to sell products and services directly to the customer, most times at a greater profit margin than via other networks. A website also has the potential to tap into valuable search engine traffic. This traffic will bring a steady stream of new customers and sales. Your website is also your main hub where you can list all the different networks you’re performing on and all the different services you offer.

A website is also incredibly profitable and in more ways than one. If you’re producing and selling clips and galleries, that content can be sold directly from your site. If you’re camming, it’s possible to stream from your website. There’s also a good chance that the networks you’re part of have affiliate programs. That means you can earn additional commissions or a revshare from the new customers you’re able to refer to their network. This has the double benefit of promoting the services you offer on those sites while monetizing your traffic at the same time.

The other major consideration is that you’ve got complete control over the branding and functionality of your site. You’re the only model featured on your site. That means there’s no competition from other models. You also decide what content is featured on your site and have control over the look and feel.

There’s tons of different platforms and tools that can be used to easily build up your website. In fact, it’s possible to get your very own website free of charge. Best of all, these tools make it insanely simple to build your site. You don’t even need to know any HTML or other codes. Some platforms will handle all the technical aspects of building and running the site. They give models an easy-to-use visual builder that makes it insanely easy to configure the site.

Here’s all the different tools and platforms available to camgirls and other adult performers.


ModelCentro: Easily Create Your Own Membership Website For Free!

ModelCentro: Free Websites For CamgirlsModelCentro is a free and easy to use website builder that allows models to make their own paysites. ModelCentro is perfect for amateur porn producers who want to build a residual income from monthly subscription fees. In addition to working as a membership fanclub site, models are also able to stream live over ModelCentro.

ModelCentro integrates with Streamate, SkyPrivate and VerifiedCall. This allows models to broadcast on both ModelCentro and Streamate simultaneously, sell Skype shows and offer phone sex, all from the site. ModelCentro also offers some marketing tools, such as integration with various directories and review sites, being able to run your own affiliate program and more. ModelCentro handles all the hosting and will even purchase your own website name free of charge.

More Info: ModelCentro – Free Website Builder For Camgirls / Porn Producers


CamModelStore: Open Your Very Own Adult Storefront

CamModelStoreCamModelStore Allows models to quickly and easily deploy their own digital storefronts. Use your own domain or a subdomain of theirs. With CamModelStore, you can sell a wide range of products and services. CamModelStore allows you to create your own store items. This means you can sell pretty much anything. Make money from selling content, Skype shows, phone sex, tangibles such as panties, signed photos and much, much more. A one time payment is all it takes to get started with CamModelStore.

Learn More: CamModelStore – Open Your Adult Website / Store


AdultMemberSites: Free Online Store Builder For Adult Models

AdultMemberSitesAdultMemberSites makes it incredibly easy to start your own website and offer a wide range of services. Make money selling clips, content and other store items directly from your website. Also get paid from live camming. AdultMemberSites is handles all the hosting, will purchase a domain name for you and offers an easy to use visual website builder. Customize the pages, menu items and more.


WordPress: Easy To Use Platform For Building Websites

WordPressWordPress is a the most popular CMS on the planet. More sites are powered by WordPress than any other platform. WordPress is highly customizable and easy to use. There’s also tons of products that can be integrated into WordPress, such as Camazee and Vuier (mentioned below). With WordPress (and other CMS) you get more control over your site, as you’ve got access to the actual code. There is overhead associated with it though. You’ll need to get a hosting plan and domain name, which is relatively cheap and completely worthwhile. Some insanely powerful WordPress sites can be created.

Learn More: Building Adult Performer Websites Using WordPress


xMember: Membership Pay Sites For The Adult Industry


xMember is an advanced script developed by Adent. It enables models, studios and other webmasters to easily deploy powerful paysites. With xMarketplace, you get full control over the code, meaning that you can customize it as you wish. Because it’s meant for adult pay sites, you don’t have to configure a vanilla CMS to make it function the way it needs to.

Learn More: xMember – Build Premium Adult Pay Sites


Camazee: Add Adult Live Camming To Your Website or Blog

CamazeeCamazee is a live camming platform designed for independent models. Camazee offers 80% payouts, much higher than most camming sites. They offer an embed code that models can use to place Camazee onto their website or blog. Wherever you paste the code snippet, the Camazee chatroom appears. This means that your chat can be broadcasted to multiple sites simultaneously. Camazee also supports a WordPress plugin and a mobile app.

Learn More: Camazee – Add Adult Webcam Chat To Your Website


Vuier: Adult VOD / Live Streaming From Your Website

VuierVuier is a platform specializing in VOD. They’ve also got a solution for live camming. Vuier is embed-driven. Meaning that you’re able to embed store items and your chatroom into webpages. They’ve also got a web platform available. Their web platform features your chatroom and store items on a website. In addition to running your website, you can add your chat or store items to any other web properties via the embed codes.

Learn More: Vuier – Adult VOD, Live Camming and Website Builder


Indie Bill: Sell Adult Services On Your Personal Site

Indie BillIndie Bill is a payment solution offering some of the highest payouts in the adult industry. Indie Bill specializes in content sales, Skype shows and selling Snapchat access. Indie Bill also offers free websites for models. Currently, you need to inquire about the websites, but a self-served website builder is in development. More services can be added to custom sites to fit the models needs.

Learn More: IndieBill – Sell Adult Clips, Content and Services


Tips and Resources For Web Development and Marketing

Here are some tips for webmasters. Learn some of the best practices for building and promoting your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Adult Models – Search engine optimization (SEO) is huge. By following the SEO best practices, you can tap into valuable search engine traffic. This will passively generate new sales, new customers and increase your following. All this results in more money for you.

Blogging Ideas For Camgirls / Porn Producers – Blogging is great for SEO. Every blog post has the potential to target different search queries. Here are some blogging ideas for adult performers.

Adding A Chatroom To Your Website – There are many camming networks that allow models to easily add their camming chatroom to a website. If it’s through their official affiliate program, you can also make a additional money through referring new signups through the chatroom on your website.

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