Adult Model Mentors Team predicts the future beyond fan clubs

Porn is an industry like any other, with trends that come and go. Right now, adult fan clubs are hotter than the filling of a Pop Tart, but what comes after fan clubs? When the bubble bursts, what will be the next hot trend in adult online?

Aerie Saunders, Webcam Startup CEO

I predict another social media-esque platform will take over, the reason fanclubs are so popular is the congregation of all of the performers on one timeline for the viewers entertainment. Anything that can harness that power will see positive results from it if they can get enough performers onto their platform. We saw it happen with Snapchat, then fanclubs, and next will likely be something app based or mobile browser optimized that allows customers to view all of their favorite performers in one easy to view place. Although Reddit is already very popular among the adult industry customers and models, I do think Reddit could be a good contender for the next “big thing” and see an even bigger boom than it is currently.

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Katy Churchill, WCSU Staff Writer

I think there will be another boom in freemium camming (i.e., token sites). Performers on fan club sites are used to upselling from tip menus, and doing the manual work of staying in touch with their fans frequently. Many now have sizable social media presences, and also run free fan club profiles where they’re even more practiced at getting blood from the proverbial stone. The only major stumbling block I can see is that most fan clubs pay out around 80%, which has led new performers to expect high payout rates wherever they work. With many fan club platforms having live streaming features that include tipping, it is going to be hard for cam sites to justify their higher cut without investing in their platform to make it stable and feature-rich with good traffic. Legacy sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams will probably benefit the most if this shift comes to pass (Chaturbate more so, as they actually welcome couples, men, and trans performers), but there is room for an upstart platform offering better payouts with all the bells and whistles to swoop in and capture serious market share – after all, isn’t that how Onlyfans started out? Now if only Chaturbate could get a name-drop from Beyonce…

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