Aerie Saunders, CEO of Webcam Startup, demonstrates video walkthrough of buying domain and setting up hosting

The recent concerns in the adult industry over payment processors dropping support and performers spreading out to new sites in an effort to find a platform that allows for their content to be sold has created a mass exodus from OnlyFans after they planned to ban pornography before rescinding the ban a few days later. Amidst the chaos of leaving a platform and directing customers to a new platform, many adult performers have displayed concern over the most efficient way to direct customers to their new preferred platforms. There is no better time than now to buy a personalized domain to make yourself more likely to show up in search engine results and to provide a quick and efficient link for sending customers and fans that will direct them to all of your new preferred platforms.

Aerie Saunders walks you through the process of buying a domain on GoDaddy, setting up your adult friendly hosting on HostGator, and installing WordPress onto the website.

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