Tips For Getting Started Selling Fetish Videos

Fetish videos can be very popular and very profitable. Fetish videos are unique compared to vanilla videos (explained more below) and you’d be surprised at what type of fetishes might perform. Pretty much everything can be a fetish, and what you consider to be a personal flaw might actually be a feature that makes you a success within a certain fetish. Katy Churchill gives some tips on how to produce and make money off fetish content.


Fetish Videos Vs Vanilla Videos

“Vanilla” refers to “Ordinary Porn”; straight sex, girl/girl, solo masturbation, stuff like that. “Fetish” refers to content focusing on a very specific thing. The actual fetish itself might not be normally sexualized (burping, for example). But in fetish content, it is. There are personal features and simple actions that can be turned into fetishes. There’s also ways to combine multiple fetishes, cater to sub-fetishes and do other things to add unique and interesting twists to the videos.


What Fetishes Should You Film?

Which really means; “What fetish is easiest to film and will make the most money”. Fetish models tend to focus on the fetishes that they’re most successful in. Finding the best fetish is usually a trial and error process. Your most profitable fetish might not even be something that you even knew was a fetish.  There are some tips and tricks that can help you identify potential fetishes. Katy gives you those tips below.


Capitalize On What Makes You Unique

The most important thing to remember is to focus on what makes you unique. It might be something that you view as a flaw or might not necessarily be the most comfortable with. These can actually be your biggest money makers. Fetish content isn’t always about what focusing on what you personally think is attractive. It’s more about what


Fetishes Based On Body Parts

A lot of fetishes are based on body parts; mouth fetish, hair fetish, nose fetish, the list goes on. When approaching fetishes based on physical attributes, it’s not always your “hottest” features that will be profitable for you. It’s more about your unique features. Sometimes, the body parts you might identify as “flaws” are actually what is going to be your biggest money makers.


Do An Honest Evaluation Of Your Body

Look at yourself in the mirror and do an honest assessment of your body. What makes your body unique? Your unique physical features is one of the best places to start when assessing potential fetishes. Do you have a crooked nose? Crooked teeth? Scars? Birthmarks? A lot of body hair? These unique characteristics are indicators that you might be successful in that particular fetish.


Let’s Take A Look At Some Of These Fetishes

Let’s take a look at some of the fetishes based on physical attributes and discuss some of the things that might make you successful in these different categories.

Teeth Fetish – Are your teeth normal or are they unique? Do you have crooked teeth? Cavities? Braces or a retainer? Missing teeth? These traits could be an indicator that you could be successful in the mouth fetish. Katy has cavities and her cavities are a money maker.

Nose Fetish – Do you have a large nose? Was it broken at any point? Is it a crooked nose? If you’ve got a unique nose, the nose fetish might be the right fetish for you.

Hairy Fetish – Do you have a lot of body hair? Body hair in unique places? Does it grow fast or grow thick? If so, the hairy fetish might be right for you. When Katy grew out her bush, she discovered that her asshole also gets really hairy. Her hairy asshole turned into a money maker.


Simple Action Fetishes

Simple action fetishes are fetishes based on various activities. These fetishes can be very easy to make content for, but it still takes thought and effort. Simple action fetishes are very similar to physical-based fetishes, as they have to be special and unique. Different action-based fetishes work for different performers as well. Here’s some tips for doing simple action fetish clips.


Everything Is (Sort Of) A Fetish

Anything and everything can be a fetish. That doesn’t mean that you can just film yourself doing a mundane task and expect it to sell. It takes thought, research and trial and error to identify the right action-based fetishes, and how to properly cater to that fetish


What Actions Are Unique or Special For You?

Just like with the fetishes based on physical attributes, action-based fetishes also need to be something special and unique to you. Are you exceptionally talented at something? Do you happen to be a big and loud farter? The activities that you can do differently than other people will make you a candidate for that particular fetish.


Spicing Up Every Day Activities

Just because every action is also a fetish doesn’t mean you can just film yourself doing the activities and upload it to a clip store. You have to find some way to spice up the activity and make it unique and special. Do it naked and make it sexy. Go all out and get very elaborate about performing the specific activity. Anyone can make a video of them performing some random task. You need to make the video special and amazing.


Tips For Researching Fetishes

Katy Churchill wrote a great post on how to go about researching fetishes. This is her own personal method for doing her own research. This method involves using some of the more popular sites to research what type of content performs best for specific fetishes. Identifying the real money makers will save you time and effort spent producing content that doesn’t sell.

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