The Fingernail Tapping Fetish and Creating Tapping Clips

Nail tapping is one of the newest fetishes to surface in late 2017, with 5,413 clips on Clips4Sale and 46 pages of them on ManyVids, it’s pretty fair to say this fetish has taken clip sites by storm. But why? Nail tapping, a form of ASMR, can help relax and ease the viewer.

The sound of nails tapping can sometimes remind customers of previous events that relaxed them, or even just the sound and presence of a person there tapping their fingers can calm or excite them. Nail tapping also falls vaguely under the fingernail fetish category, in which people just like the look/shape/color of fingernails.


Finger Nail Tapping Can Create Different Emotions (Relaxed vs Rushed)

Fingernail tapping videos can be very diverse and can create a wide range of emotions. For example, a red shade of long nails tapping very quickly can symbolize a form of rush or impatience, indicating you want the viewer to finish their business quickly. While a french tip manicure, rounded at the ends and tapping slowly can symbolize relaxation and patience.


Nail Tapping Pace and Creating A Soothing, Relaxing Environment

When creating a nail tapping video you must think of the pace at which you are tapping your nails. Is it consistent? Consistent tapping is more likely to relax the viewer, while sporadic, inconsistent taps may put the viewer under stress or a rush.

If the nail tapping video is meant to relax the viewer, start out with slow and consistent taps. This will relax the viewer until they are able to relieve themselves. You can alternate hands as well. Your camera angle will also play a large part in relaying your message to the viewer.


Incorporating Eye Contact and Dialogue Into The Clips

If the viewer can see your face then make sure to incorporate a lot of eye contact. You can even do subtle narration like, “the faster I tap my nails, the faster you should stroke.” For the big finale you will be frantically tapping your nails until the big OH!


No Time Constraints: Create Short or Long Clips

Nail tapping is one of those fetishes that is not time constricted. You can tap away for a few minutes, or you can tap away for an hour. Whatever is more comfortable for you. When making your videos, including multiple angles can create a more realistic situation.


High Quality Audio Is Very Important!

Also make sure the camera/mic you are using is good enough quality to capture the sound of the taps. When tapping, many people prefer different “sounds.” Some prefer the sound of tapping on glass, while other prefer tapping on wood. Incorporating more than one tapping surface into your video is likely to make the video better and increase the odds of selling.

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