How to use adult industry trend reports to create content people will search for

Why do some videos hit while others flop? Whether you’re looking for the secret to a popular tube site video or ideas for porn videos that will sell well, browsing adult industry trend reports can help. Several sites release reports spotlighting popular searches, including tube site heavy hitters Pornhub and xHamster. AEBN (the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network) posts regular updates covering the most popular searches on its VOD (video on demand) platform, and cam site Chaturbate has recently jumped into the fray, releasing popular searches and tags by geographic region.

How to use trend reports for better porn production

There are 3 ways that trend reports can help you make more popular porn videos:

1. Find popular content categories: If you are looking for new niches, especially in more “vanilla” porn production (i.e., not fetish-based), trend reports can help you figure out what “add ons” are the most popular. Should you make creampie content or a new anal video? Sex outside or a gang bang? Discovering which way specific searches are trending is a great way to prioritize your shooting scripts – especially if you need to coordinate your limited time with a partner to film. Most trend reports lean heavily towards vanilla content, also some female domination topics also crop up, including cuckolding and blackmail.

2. Use popular keywords: If you’ve already got content shot, trend reports can help you use the right keywords to get your video to pop up in search. Look at the body type and physical feature tags in particular. Are you using “real boobs”? Perhaps you should substitute “natural tits”, a term whose search metrics are on the rise. Browsing through popular search terms might remind you to describe yourself in your title or description, because as much fun as cute titles are, nobody is searching for “Ciel’s Pretty in Pink” to find your anal video where you cosplay an Ciel Phantomhive in pink lingerie, but they may be searching “anime cosplay anal”, which also suits your video!

3. Ride the pop culture wave: New movies, TV shows, video games, and current events often spark searches on porn sites for related content. Even the game Among Us hit over 100,000 average daily searches on Pornhub for several weeks! Although trend reports are released after the fact, by reviewing past trends you can get a feel for the types of pop culture references that result in search trends. Video games are particularly popular, so if that’s not normally your area of expertise, it might be worth following 1 or 2 adult content creators who are also gamers to keep your finger on the pulse of new releases and popular games.

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