3 ways to monetize a free OnlyFans profile

Okay, so you followed our advice on starting a free OnlyFans account, and now you have hundreds (or thousands!) of fans following you for $0. That’s great and all, but how can you convert those admiring masses into cold, hard cash? Here are 3 ways to make money with a free OnlyFans account.

1. Locked Content / PTV

Using locked content (also called pay-to-view or PTV) is a simple way to make money on a free OnlyFans profile. You can use the OnlyFans messaging system to send PTV videos or photos, or you can post locked content right in your feed. Sending PTVs in DMs does tend towards a higher conversion rate, because it feels more personalized and is harder to scroll past, but posting PTVs in the feed means that fans who join after you have sent it out can still take advantage of the deal. Make sure you post a mix of free content and PTVs if you choose to post in your feed – a feed of all locked content isn’t what your fans joined to see.

2. Tip Menu

Creating a tip menu gives fans the option to buy content and services “a la carte”. Consider including things like custom videos, personal photos and messages, dick ratings, pre-made videos and photo sets, and anything else you think your fans might be interested in buying as an add-on to their free subscription. Review your offerings and prices regularly, and adjust your menu accordingly. DM your tip menu to all of your fans, and pin it to your profile, too, for maximum visibility.

3. Games

Any tipping game that you play on cam can be adapted to work on OnlyFans. Games that involve a visual component that can be easily filmed or screen recorded like prize balloons, wheel spins, or dice rolls are especially popular. Use prizes that involve minimal effort on your part, like videos or photo sets that you originally posted on your paid OnlyFans account, or content you have available for sale on other sites. To encourage more participation, make game play only available for a certain period of time – FOMO sells! Need more ideas? We’ve got an article full of out-of-the-box ideas for games for fan clubs here!

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