As an Adult Content Creator, You Can’t Always Be Expected to Work at 100% Capacity

Whether you’re creating clips, offering sexting, utilizing phone sex, or offering live webcam shows; there is simply no way for an adult content creator to be at 100% output 24/7. While taking a day off every once in a while is important in preventing burnout and establishing a healthy work to life ratio, sometimes even after a day off (or two) you may not be feeling your best. This is when a profitable but sustainable “lazy day” can really benefit you. How would I define a “lazy day” for an adult content creator? To put it simply, you are maximizing your earnings while decreasing the effort that you would put in on a typical day. This can look different for creators because it will vary by what causes you stress in your work process, for example; I personally loathe putting my makeup on. If I had a dedicated robot that would paint my face on for me then I can guarantee I would spend many more hours actively working. Since I unfortunately don’t have a high tech buddy to Picasso my face on the daily; finding ways to maximize my earnings on days where putting on my makeup sounds like the worst thing in the world has been a way to keep myself active. Instead of completely ghosting the internet over the frustration of my daily face painting routine, I found ways to work around it while maintaining productivity.

Let’s identify your personal version of a “lazy day”

Pinpointing the part of the work process that really grinds your gears will help to amp up your earnings around not doing those things. While my personal issue is a superficial physical one, some creators struggle with the intensity of live show intimacy, others may have a gripe with talking too much. There will more than likely be 3 reasons why you will find yourself getting stressed in your routine; a physical/superficial reason (something you have to do to “prepare” for work to feel like you look your best), a mental reason (feeling burnt out, frustrated, bored, or overwhelmed), or a work flow reason (being unhappy with the sites you’re working on, due to traffic or customer base, or lack of site support.) Once we tap into your reason, we can adjust your “lazy day” accordingly to lighten the pressure that triggers your stress.

I struggle to work due to a physical or superficial reason

If you are struggling to work productively due to a physical or superficial reason, there are some things you can do that will take the pressure off of you.

  • Audio Sexting: sending audio sext messages through fanclub services that you charge for can be a great way to boost earnings while taking the stress away from getting “dolled up.”
  • Phone Sex: phone sex without video chat can supplement your income without you changing out of your pajamas.
  • Filters: if your issue is due to makeup, acne breakouts, uneven skin, or other general discomforts that can be solved by a filter… don’t be scared to use them! Being full glam 24/7 can have a negative impact on your skin and using filters can allow you to continue working while giving your skin time to rest. (I personally love FaceApp, you can even out your skin, get rid of acne, throw on a fake face of makeup, and even change your hairstyle.)
  • Explore New Money Making Opportunities: researching things like affiliate/referral program, doing site maintenance, uploading videos, or other “online but not live” work still counts as work. Doing something that could potentially make you money down the road is ultimately better than doing nothing.
  • Queue Old Content: hop onto your sites of choice and social media and queue some promotional posts for old content. The great thing about video content is that it will live on forever; you can keep selling content as long as it exists on your preferred site.
  • Consider Signing Up Somewhere New: during your down time, you can try signing up and uploading your content to new sites to boost your potential traffic.
  • Hone Your Talents with Research: if you webcam, watch some cams on your preferred site and see what the top earners are up to. If you sell clips, browse through the top sellers and make a list of things to try.
  • Offer Pre-orders: if you have a video idea and want to garner some support for it before launch, you can offer a fundraiser/pre-order option with a future date for the content so that you will make money for it before you make it!
  • Run Some Sales: offer a sale on video content, your fanclub, or future webcam show bookings to earn money on your “lazy day.”
  • Custom Video Discounts: offering discounted custom content can be a great way to get a lot of money at once for something that you don’t necessarily have to do that day.

I struggle to work due to a mental struggle (frustration, boredom, burn out)

If you are struggling to work productively due to a mental obstacle, there are some ways you can lighten the load!

  • Focus in One Place: if you get bored or frustrated by customers on a site in particular then avoid that site for the day. If you know you prefer “x” type of customer, whether it’s phone sex, sexting, camming, etc. then focus on those types of offerings for the day.
  • Block the Bad Energy: if you are being mentally brought down by one person in particular, assess the real value of this person. A lot of people will find themselves taking time off to avoid a regular because they fear losing the income from them but in doing so they lose out on meeting potentially better customers. If you find yourself feeling “the ick” about logging on due to someone, it may actually be better to lose the income from them now and save your peace of mind later.
  • Keep Your Mind Busy: if you struggle with boredom (especially live on cam) find a way to keep your mind busy so you’re less likely to log off. You can find ways to entertain yourself while also engaging with your audience still; read a book out loud, sing karaoke, play a trivia game, stream video games, watch a video and offer commentary, or challenge yourself with something like sudoku.
  • Avoid “Failure” and Frustration: when you’re already feeling a looming sense of being frustrated or overwhelmed, focus on what you know will make you money instead of experimenting with something new. If you know you’ll more than likely get spenders by offering sexting, do that instead of making a clip that you aren’t sure will sell well. One of the leading causes of getting burnt out is trying too many different things when you are overwhelmed, whether it stems from desperation to make more money or boredom with your current hustle. When you are throwing things at the wall and hoping that they stick, if you’re already dealing with a good amount of stress and things aren’t sticking, it can only drive you to further frustration.
  • Consider a Day Off Instead of a “Lazy Day”: if you are feeling immensely stressed, burnt out, frustrated, angry, bored, or some other negative feeling… you may just need to take the day off entirely. While taking a day off isn’t always the best option for money, if you can potentially say or do something to a customer and damage a business relationship with them due to your bad mood, it is way better to take the day away.
  • Set Time Goals instead of Money Goals: if you find yourself flaking out on cam early, not making enough video or photo content, or not engaging with customers enough because you are frustrated about money it can be beneficial to set a “time goal” instead. If you’re spending the entire time you’re working looking at earnings, you will find your mood shifting with the good and bad earning days. Setting a goal of staying online for x amount of time, making x amount of videos, taking x photos, or being active for x amount of time will help you be available and increase your earning potential while taking away the pressure of money. The more consistently you hit your time goals, the more regular your schedule will be, the more likely you’ll make money.

I struggle to work due to dissatisfaction with the sites I work on

If you aren’t happy with the sites you’re working on, then it will set you up for a bad time. There are some ways to improve the situation!

  • Split-camming and cross-posting: not wanting to lose out on the income on the site frustrating you, especially if it’s your “regular” site, is completely understandable. Rather than leaving the site entirely, consider cross-posting (if it’s content) or split-camming (if it’s a cam site.) You’ll still uphold your activity on your regular site while also giving yourself the ability to branch out and experiment with the traffic and site support in new places.
  • Reach Out to Support: if your dissatisfaction is being caused by traffic, quality of customers, placement, and other things… reach out to site support and ask for help. They can usually point you to a guide that may help and some sites even offering coaching/support for improving your traffic and member spending.
  • Voice Concerns with Friends: if you’re unhappy with a site there’s a good chance there’s another performer out there that is also unhappy with them. Voicing your concerns with friends you trust that understand your plight can be a great alleviator of stress. Whether it’s a rant or roast on the site or you and your friend discuss some potential solutions to the problem you’re facing, it will almost always make you feel better to be empathized with.

Taking a “lazy day” with half effort is better than no effort!

I hope these tips can help you maximize your earnings during your “lazy days,” putting forward any effort will always be better than none at all! No shame to the hot people out there that need a pajama day, we all have them.

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