As a porn producer you will accumulate an audience worthy of the “influencer” title

Influencers are generally regarded as a person with the power to impact the purchasing decisions of users due to their knowledge, authority, position, or relationship with a niche. As a porn creator, whether live or on video, you will find that you check a lot of the boxes for what defines an “influencer.” If you are driving sales to your content, live shows, etc. then you already have the main power that an influencer holds. The biggest successes in earnings and popularity in the porn industry are people who use this “influencer” power to drive sales to more than just their content. If you already have an audience, then you should be using it!

Join Referral Programs

The biggest misstep that porn performers tend to make is not utilizing referral programs to earn extra income that are typically already provided to them by the websites they work on. Websites like Chaturbate, Streamate, Cams, and more all offer customer referral programs that allow you to utilize a link provided to you to earn more money for people who spend money through your links. Some programs will even allow you to profit from people you refer even if the money isn’t spent on you!

Refer Your Friends

Working on a site that you love? You can usually utilize a referral link for referring your performer friends to websites. The programs vary by site but most of them tend to allow you to earn 5% of your friends earnings on the site that come out of the websites cut of money (not the friend you refer.)

Consider Selling Merch

If you have a good fanbase then they would probably love to support you in more ways than just buying your porn; some will even like to buy things like stickers, posters, signed prints, shirts, and other merchandise!

Sell Promotion to Other Performers

Your audience takes time to build up and is valuable, you can utilize this value to sell promotion to other performers! Many performers sell promotion on Telegram to allow other performers that ability to gain followers or money from their own audience that they’ve built up.

Partner with Brands

Partnering with brands isn’t exclusive to mainstream “influencers,” pornstars can do it too! While a lot of sex toy brands love to partner with adult industry entertainers, there is also a wide variety of other brands that would love to be promoted on your platform ranging from lingerie companies to video game developers.

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