Coming Out As A Cam Girl / Adult Performer

Many cam girls start in the industry and begin oblivious to the fact that if you are actually successful as a cam girl, the exposure is intense and your family and friends will probably find out. I started camming in high school, and by the time I graduated everybody knew I was a cam girl. Some people were haters, some people gave me props, some people were envious.

Telling Your Family You’re A Cam Girl

So how do you go about breaking the news if you don’t want people to find out on their own? With family there are many ways to go about it, but it differs by situation of course! Some families are very open and accepting of their child’s choice, and support them no matter what. Other families are strict, and for whatever conservative reason they have are far less supportive.

For Supportive Families

If you have a supportive family, a fun way to break the news (if they claim you on their taxes) is to inform them that they’ll probably be a little confused by their tax results. If they don’t claim you on their taxes (cam girls don’t all start as soon as they turn 18 like I did!) sitting them down and leading in with a story about the adult industry might alleviate the tension and make it easier to come out with. It also makes it possible to gauge how you think they’ll react by their commentary on whatever story you chose to share.

For Uptight / Conservative Families

For more uptight families, it’s harder. There are still girls who have been camming for many years and haven’t come out to their family. They heavily implement region blocks and are so scared to put out content because of their family and the possible judgement they’ll receive. It’s sad to see!

Free yourself from that, and come out to your family. Even if they are judgmental, you’ll be putting unnecessary stress on yourself the longer you hide your job. More so if you cam full time. Lying and running around the problem for a prolonged period of time may seem easier, but in the long run it is not worth the stress it causes! If both of your parents are around, chose the parent who is usually more accepting to open up to first and ask their advice how to bring it up to the other.

Looking to them for guidance will give them the reassurance that their opinion still matters to you. A lot of families assume when you become a cam girl or join the adult industry that their opinion no longer counts because you started doing it without their approval. When in reality, most of us start testing out the waters and end up deep in it before we even have a chance to ask for an opinion!’

Telling Friends Your A Camgirl

Coming out to friends is usually easier, you can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends! If camming is important to you, your friends will no doubt support you. It might be weird at first (flashback to me and my best friend in high school going dildo shopping and her being shocked!) but after your friends get used to the idea it’ll most likely be viewed like any other job.

A lot of friends will have questions about it, due to the stigma that surrounds sex work. People will assume that no matter what, you probably partake in foot fetish stuff, because it’s so popular, right? Make sure your friends know there is so much that goes into camming, so many different styles! The more you share, the more we defeat the stigma that we are all weird girls with daddy issues who suck on our toes!

When people find out and approach you about it, I find that the best tactic is sarcastic honesty. There will be people who might try to hurt your feelings over it, and try to imply they are better than you for having an office job and working 9-5. Honey, just remember while they’re at the office you can be at home eating snacks and watching Netflix. Don’t take anything that the haters say to heart, and embrace the fact that you are in a growing industry that will never end! Sex will always sell!

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