Twitter Marketing For Cam Girls

Social media is one of the most important parts of being in the cam community. Since you have now decided that you live on the internet giving people an “address” to find you at is important! Many cam girls use Twitter, which is a social media platform that allows you to post adult content. This is important since other social media platforms have cracked down on adult content; Instagram does not allow nudity, Tumblr recently deleted all of the “porn” tags and are flagging cam girls accounts for “making profit through their service.” Twitter definitely stands out above the rest for being the most adult friendly platform!


How To Best Use Twitter To Your Benefit

How can you use Twitter to your benefit? A lot of girls struggle with the idea of giving their time for free, and this includes social media management. Camming is a full time job, if you are not on cam you are still online somewhere, on social media updating, editing, checking your ranks, checking your earnings, or you’re like me writing articles about camming after you get off cam. Here’s some tips for effective Twitter use.


Add Website / Cam Site / Referral Links As Website Links

It’s a never ending cycle of living on the internet, so if you want to profit from your time make sure you direct people to the right place! Twitter allows you to add a link to your profile to your website/cam site. Unlike other social media, they do not block explicit links. Adding your affiliate link to your Twitter will help you make money, even when you’re not online (if your site uses a program that makes you money from referrals.)


Use Twitter To Promote Skype / Video Deals

You can also use your Twitter to promote video/skype deals. Many models find that making a pretty graphic containing all of their information and then making it their pinned tweet will help with sales! It allows your followers to buy content from you directly. You can also make a customized header containing information on videos, other social media outlets, or your cam site!


Using Twitter For Networking

Twitter is also great for networking. When you’ve been camming for a while you will experience “cam girl burnout” when you get online and sit there bored and really just want to pull your hair out. This is a good time to hit Twitter and communicate with other cam girls, see if it’s slow for them also, and if it isn’t you can see what they are doing to keep the traffic flowing!

I’ve made many cam girl friends through Twitter and we are even planning to meet in the coming months! Many cam sites don’t support model to model networking, and even give models the option to block other models from entering their rooms. Twitter is a place that is non-competitive for attention, so it won’t be offensive to try to talk to them (like some girls think it is when you enter their cam show and try to talk to them) and it gives you a support system as well!


Making Money Through Twitter

Money making is also possible through Twitter, there is a new trend in the cam girl community, primarily in the “findom” category called RT games. What you do is agree with a submissive on a certain price for every retweet and favorite you get for a specific amount of time, and afterwards they pay you! Sounds easy peasy, but make sure you take deposits up front, there are a lot of time wasting subs on Twitter sadly.

Twitter is also great for setting up future shows, when you’re not online you are sometimes limited to your connection with your fan base. On Twitter, a fan can simply tweet at you or shoot you a DM asking if you’re around or when you’ll be around. So you can log online with the confidence that you’ll have a show waiting!

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