The June / July slowdown is real, and it can be scary if you’re new to online sex work! Don’t panic, this too shall pass – a bit faster with these tips.

If you’ve noticed your cam sales slowing down, and your income dropping, you’re not alone: with the heat of summer comes the summer slump for webcam models. The pandemic meant that the 2020 summer slowdown was hardly noticeable, but with the world opening up in summer 2021, you might be noticing the summer slump for the first time. It usually begins in June and runs through July into mid-August. It hits newer models harder, as they have a smaller group of regulars to keep them going through the slower summer months, but nearly every performer notices some kind of dip in the summer. These 3 tips can help you get through your first summer slump with your sanity – and your savings – intact.

Take a Vacation

Since the summer is already slower, the opportunity cost of taking a vacation is lower than at other times of the year. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything special, but taking a vacation can give you a chance to come back mentally stronger and less likely to succumb to burnout. A little time off might be the best thing you can do for your business, summer slump or no!

Switch Your Focus

While camming is heavily affected by the annual summer slowdown, other services tend to see less of a decline in earnings. If you’re not making your goals on cam, try redirecting your energy to something else. Put some extra time into clips or your fan club to see if you can increase your income there, and do a bit of extra social media promotion to increase your traffic.

Avoid Drastic Price Cuts

If you can, try not to cut your prices too much during the summer. Run time-limited sales or use discount codes with expiry dates instead. It is easier to temporarily discount your prices than it is to lower them and try to raise them back up later. Running sales on clips or fan club subscriptions is also better than lowering your cam rates, because those are clearly sales, while reduced cam prices are seen as full-on price changes, and new customers will only see your current prices and not realize they’re getting a discount.

Don’t Panic

Whatever else you do this summer, don’t panic. You are not flunking out of the industry or failing at camming – you are just going through the annual cycle of earnings. Struggling in the summer is not a reflection on you or your work. Come the end of August, business will pick back up and life will go on.

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