4 reasons to start offering Skype shows ASAP!

Doing Skype cam shows can seem intimidating. What will you do without the built-in traffic from a major cam site? How do you take payments? Do you have to watch the clock when you should be focusing on your performance? Offering Skype cam shows has changed over the years: today’s Skype sites have their own internal traffic, and technology has made it easier than ever to take payments for cam shows of any length (even pay-per-minute)! Even if you want to stick with your main cam site, trying out Skype shows as a side hustle is worth the effort. Here’s 4 reasons why Skype shows may be right for you:

1. It’s easier than ever

With sites like SkyPrivate, you no longer have to sell a block-time show and keep one eye on a timer! SkyPrivate’s plugin tells you whether or not a customer has money in their account before they even call you, and then it charges the customer per-minute during the Skype call – all with nothing to download on the customer’s end. This makes it a lot easier to transition to Skype shows from private shows on “big box” camming sites.

2. Make more money

Skype sites pay out 75%+, more than doubling your take-home pay compared to sites like Streamate! Some models choose to lower their per-minute rate on Skype shows vs regular cam sites, making them more affordable for customers, but the model still takes home more money overall because of the high payout percentage.

3. Gain true independent model status

Becoming an independent webcam model is about more than just not working for a studio. If a regular cam site suspends or deletes your account (or closes down), you instantly lose access to your customer list and the ability to contact your fans on that platform. With Skype, even if the Skype site you take payments on goes out of business, you still have your contact list and can redirect your customers to a new site to continue doing shows. In fact, to guard against the potential loss of your Skype account, you can even export your contact list so that nothing can stop you from maintaining your customer list!

4. Cross-promote your other products and services

Having access to your own customer list that is not controlled by a cam site means that you have the freedom to reach out to your customers to promote your other products and services. Treating your contact list on Skype as an opportunity to promote other content will increase your earnings on other platforms, and is a great way to stay in touch with customers between shows. Promote your social media, clip site, phone sex, or fan club – your customer list is your own, and you can cross-promote anything you like.

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