How-To Guide for Performers Creating Small Penis Encouragement / SPE Fetish Content

In this video, Katy Churchill covers the basics for models interested in creating small penis encouragement fetish content, as well as working SPE into other content, including SPH, vanilla clips, and JOI. Here are her top tips:

  • Choose an Approach: There are two main ways to approach SPE: purely SPE, and an SPE/SPH combination. There is a lot of crossover in customers who buy both types of SPE content, so feel free to experiment with both – customers won’t be “alienated” by seeing both in your clip store.
  • Straight-up SPE: You can do this in a girlfriend-type roleplay (GFE), or by using a small dildo in vanilla clips, or combining SPE with regular JOI instructions, paying attention to the words you use (i.e. don’t tell them to stroke their big hard dick).
  • SPE / SPH Combo: Try combining the two! Use a slightly lighter or more gentle domme style, or go full-on sensual domination. A teasing/mocking femdom style also works really well, using jokes about size in between confessing to not care about size. Be the Anti-Size Queen domme!

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