Which Skype site should you choose?

If you’ve been considering offering Skype cam shows, chances are you’ve heard of Cammodel Directory and SkyPrivate, and aren’t sure which site to choose. After all, even though the same parent company owns both sites, there are some very key differences that separate the two platforms.

Why You Should Choose SkyPrivate

SkyPrivate offers a higher payout ceiling (starts at 75% and goes up to 86%), as well as a referral program for both members and models. The site also offers top-notch technology with its plugin that lets members be charged per-minute for Skype cam shows with no downloads needed for the member – only the model downloads the plugin. Additionally, SkyPrivate has a Twitter connection that automatically tweets your link and a photo when you’re online, as well as after every show you do, simplifying your social media promo! The profile/bio form is simple and straightforward to fill out, and there is room for lots of photos and even a preview video on your profile.

Why You Should Choose Cammodel Directory

Cammodel Directory (CMD) has been around for a long time, and as a result has great traffic already browsing the platform looking for models. Their profile and listing system allows models to be very creative in their profiles, and the listing categories allow customers to easily narrow down their search. CMD pays out 75% on all earnings up to $500 and 80% over $500 without requiring models to do any additional work to get the higher payout rate. CMD also has a built-in video sales platform, and though it has very limited storage, it can be a nice add-on feature to have. The average price charged by models on CMD also seems to be higher than on SkyPrivate.

Why You Should Choose BOTH!

Similar to phone sex, the best way to earn more money with Skype cam shows is to stack sites. Log in to all of them, and get great exposure to the different pools of customers on each site. If you are using SkyPrivate you will have to call the customers who purchase shows on CMD in order to avoid activating the plugin, but that is the only downside to having a profile on both sites!

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