Tips For Shooting Porn During Conventions

Besides educational presentations, networking opportunities, and even meeting fans, there is another huge benefit to attending an adult industry convention: filming. There are lots of models, many of them staying in the same hotel, and if you’re willing to reach out, there are content trade shoot opportunities to be had. With a little bit of planning, a convention can result in some great videos with models you might otherwise not be able to work with. A lot of these tips also apply to filming solo or with other models in a hotel outside of a convention, too!


Do some recon when you plan

To get the most out of your shoot time in the hotel, know what you’re working with. Some hotel rooms have tables with office-type chairs that can easily be moved to create a second “set” in the room, for example, or maybe it’s got a great tub or shower for bathroom filming. To get an idea of what your room will look like, check out the hotel’s website (and social media, if they have it) for photos. This will help you plan videos and also outfits based on the colors in the room.


Consider your supplies

Don’t get stuck with extra cleaning fees! Make sure that your lube, latex polishing stuff, and any other props you’re using won’t leave a mark or stain. Not sure? Test your black-soled shoes against a door or wall at your place if you’re planning to stand on hard furniture or put them against a wall in a video, and squirt any liquids you plan to use on a pillowcase and run it through the wash to see if everything washes out cleanly. Check if suction cups will take gloss off a painted surface, and test any tape you want to use to mount gear or toys to make sure it doesn’t leave a residue or take off paint. When in doubt, leave it out,better safe than out a few hundred bucks because you didn’t take the time to test it.


Pack your gear in “normal” bags

Depending on what you’re bringing in to shoot with, most gear can be re-packed into large suitcases. Some hotels don’t allow commercial photo or video shoots in private rooms, so avoiding the pelican cases, camera bags, and light stand bags strapped to your back can help you keep a low(er) profile. If you’re at a convention of porn folks that is taking up the entire hotel (or a large chunk of it), this probably matters less than if you’ve just personally booked a hotel for shooting purposes or a work/play holiday.


Plan quick-change outfits

If you’ll be going up and down from the convention floor to your hotel room frequently, plan simple outfits that are easy to change in or out of, wear your good lingerie underneath your regular clothes. If you’re at an event with a very permissible dress code, just wear your filming gear the entire day!


Make a schedule

Conventions are hectic, and you don’t want to miss anything, so get organized before you begin. Print out a copy of the event schedule and decide what you want to go to. In between booth shifts, seminars, and keynote speakers, schedule your shoots with other models. Worried you’ll lose track of time? Set alarms on your phone and don’t miss a minute of your events or your shoots.


Leave a tip

Let’s be honest: there’s makeup on the sheets and towels, lube and body-fluid fingerprints on every surface, and you had the “Do Not Disturb” sign up for 3 days straight so you could leave your camera and lights set up. Chuck a few bucks on the dresser for the person who has to pick up the baby wipes around the overflowing trash can and head home to edit all of the fantastic footage you shot!

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