Adult Convention Networking Tips

Adult industry conventions are fantastic places to meet people working in all different areas of the industry, from models and porn stars to executives from cam sites and sex toy inventors. If you’re ready to expand your business and are open to new opportunities, there is no better place to be! Print some business cards, swipe the pen and notepad from your hotel room, and hit the floor to mingle and meet the people who can help take your career to the next level.


Tip # 1: Have A Goal

Do you want to fangirl/fanboy out over a big-name cam model or porn star? Are you hoping to score some swag from a site rep? Are you hoping to meet other models who are interested in working together or hanging out off-camera? Do you want to make connections with affiliate programs for promotion or traffic generation work? Depending on what you want to accomplish, you’ll need to attend different events.


Tip # 2: Check The Attendee List

Before you head to the convention, check the vendor booth list, along with the list of presenters/speakers who will be at various events. Figure out who you want to meet and talk to, where they’ll be, and when. If there are events specifically aimed at networking, go to them. You may not be as likely to meet big-name porn stars or models at “boring” networking events, but if you want to make connections outside the performer side of the industry, that’s one of the best places to find company executives and representatives.


Tip # 3: Come prepared

If you’re not just collecting selfies with adult industry A-listers, you’re going to need to bring some supplies. Getting business cards printed is cheap, and you can put a sexy but SFW photo of yourself on them to help the people you meet remember who you are. Include your performer name, website, what you do (porn performer, fetish model, cam model, etc), a contact method (I use my email address), and your social media handles. I highly recommend getting matte cards only printed on one side, because I like to take notes on the people I met on the back of their business card. You should do the same! Make sure you have two pens (one for you and one for anyone you meet who hasn’t read this article), a notebook or pad of paper, pants with pockets or a bag of some sort to collect business cards, and about three times as many of your own cards as you expect to need.


Tip # 4: Be direct

Conventions are hectic, and you’re not going to get a lot of “face time” with most people. If you linger on the edge too long, waiting for the perfect opportunity, you might miss your chance to talk to someone. Take a direct approach: walk up, introduce yourself, and give them a quick pitch. Not sure what to say? Practice in the mirror, and include the following talking points:

  • Your performer name (always use your performer name when meeting new people)
  • The types of work you are currently doing or have done in the past
  • What types of work you would like to do in the future
  • How you would like to work together with the person you’re meeting


Tip # 5: Follow up

About a week after the convention, once you’ve finally unpacked and gotten back to your regular routine, sit down with your stack of business cards and notes and open up your emails. Send out individual emails to everyone–while you can copy and paste some parts of the emails, don’t give in to the temptation to BCC everyone in a mass email. Include individual details, and be specific about what you feel the next step is in any potential collaboration. Finally, sit back, relax, and get ready to benefit from your convention networking!

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