New feature release on MyMember.Site

You can now create member notes on MyMember.Site to help remember important things about your customers! Notes are an amazing addition to the platform because it allows you to create long lasting intimacy and memorability between yourself and your clients by writing down key information to providing them an amazing experience.

Not sure what to note about your members? Here are some ideas of things to add to your notes to help improve your customer relations!

  • Their actual name (a lot of fans use nicknames or anonymous type names for porn sites)
  • Their age
  • Their birthday
  • Their favorite things (sexual and non-sexual)
  • Kinks that they enjoy
  • Things that they do not like/turn offs
  • Things you’ve bonded over (both have kids, pets, favorite foods, etc.)
  • Their spending habits
  • When they’re usually available to chat

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