Make money with xHamster’s Faphouse Subscription viewshare program

When Pornhub shuttered Modelhub in the wake of losing payment processing, not only did models lose the ability to monetize videos using individual sales, but they lost the Pornhub Premium viewshare revenue. Pornhub Premium members got access to Modelhub videos included in their subscription, and whenever they watched a model’s video, that model got a portion of their subscription fee. Until recently, xHamster had no equivalent program.

The re-branding of xHamster Premium to Faphouse has changed that, however. Viewers can now purchase a Faphouse Subscription, which gives them free access to model videos, similar to Modelhub, but with 1 major difference: when models upload content, they must choose between individual sales or Faphouse Subscription. Modelhub allowed uploaders to monetize a video in both ways simultaneously. Modelhub also paid approximately $35 per 1,000 views in the viewshare program, whereas Faphouse claims to pay out roughly $200 per 1,000 views in the Faphouse Subscription program.

To start making money with your videos in the Faphouse Subscription viewshare program, simply choose “Faphouse Subscription” under the “How To Sell Video” drop-down menu at the bottom of the video editing window. You can always change the monetization option you have chosen for a video by going back in and editing the video. To see your earnings in the program, click “Statistics” and then “Faphouse Viewshare”. Your viewshare earnings will NOT show up in the top right token $ display on the main dashboard.

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