3 tips to build on Boot Fetish into the FemDom world of Boot Worship

If you’ve spent any time working in the boot fetish niche, you’ll have heard of boot worship. While it has the same root as the more general boot fetish – a love of boots – boot worship has a femdom twist, with the addition of a superior/inferior (or dominant/submissive) dynamic. Additionally, there are often elements of kissing or licking encouraged as part of the worship process. Check out these 3 tips to make your boot worship clips rock!

Remember the basics of Boot Fetish

You can do boot worship fetish clips and shows with any pair of boots that you own! Try filming multiple clips with different pairs to see what works best for you in the boot niche. Leather, knee-high, thigh-high, stiletto, rubber, flats: they all have fans! Textures and the fit of the boots are key, so make sure that you light and frame the clip well to show off all of the features of your boots.

Add FemDom elements

The act of worship involves the submission of the viewer, who places a higher value on the item being worshipped than on themselves. While it might be the boot they are ostensibly worshipping, the woman wearing it needs to also be giving off superior energy. Unlike boot fetish, which can be done in a neutral-energy way, boot worship is all about domination, so channel all of your femdom vibes when you are performing. You can try mixing in some verbal humiliation, body part worship (specifically legs in this case), general goddess worship, and other femdom-focused fetishes as well.

Use your angles

As stated above, boot worship is all about the viewer’s submission: they are putting the boot up on a pedestal of perfection. Use your filming angle to create that sense of submission for the viewer by shooting your boots from below. Put your boots on the proverbial pedestal by shooting from a low angle, which can be achieved by standing on a box or platform, or by putting your feet up on some kind of stool while seated. Avoid shooting your clips from a high angle, as this will create a sense of superiority for the viewer, which is the opposite of boot worship’s purpose.

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