Cosplay on a budget for camming and clips

Cosplay’s popularity continues to grow both in the mainstream world, and in the adult entertainment industry. In both camming and clips, models are going beyond “naughty nurse” and “filthy maid” costumes to play characters from TV, movies, video games, and other media–even dommes are into cosplay! Cosplay can be time-consuming and expensive, though, which isn’t ideal if you aren’t sure whether or not your cosplay content will sell.

Do your research before choosing a cosplay

Choosing the right cosplay to begin with can save you a lot of money. Especially if you are new to cosplay, pick a simple outfit, with few props. Assembling the Misty cosplay above was fairly simple, and the only prop required was a Pokeball, and I probably could have gotten away without it. Look at multiple reference images when you think you’ve chosen a character–especially with comic book or movie franchises, the outfit may change from one episode to the next. Choose the version of the costume that appeals to you, is reasonably achievable, and will also allow you to perform on cam or in clips. After all, that is the end goal!

DIY cosplay

Sure, buying a ready-made cosplay outfit is easy–but it’s also expensive! Break down the components of the costume, and figure out what can feasibly be made. Don’t just limit yourself to Halloween costume stores (although their clearance sections on November 1 can be great), or even Amazon. Use and re-use what you already have, check out thrift stores, and hit the craft and dollar stores with a list. A glue gun, needle and thread, and a TV show worth binge-watching can get you a long way!

For Misty (above), I bought the tank top off Amazon, the red suspenders from the dollar store, and the denim shorts were an old pair of torn jeans that I took some scissors to. I bought knock-off red sneakers, and the major purchase was the Pokeball. I set a price alert for a few different options on Amazon, and when it was low enough, I bought it. Sure, it took a bit longer, but the whole thing was about $40, and I’ve worn it in several videos and photo sets because it is simple and comfortable, so it has earned its keep!

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

It’s okay if your cosplay isn’t perfect! In fact, you might have to make some alterations to the “canon” outfit in order to make it practical for camming or clips. Don’t stress out if your props aren’t absolutely perfect, or if the clothes are slightly off. A cheap Halloween store wig is just fine, and you really don’t need to drop the cash on a lace-front wig that is absolutely spot-on, but triple the price. Remember that this is not a cosplay convention, it’s porn. At the end of the day, the cosplay is only one part of the performance–it’s the fetish, femdom, or sex acts that really sell the scene.

Learn more about Cosplay in adult clips or cam

Cosplay can be profitable live on adult webcams and in porn clips – Cosplay is the act of dressing up (and sometimes acting like) characters in movies, tv shows, video games, or other media. Cosplaying in webcam shows and in adult videos can be a great way to connect with new viewers, establish a broader range of marketing opportunities, and find customers interested in the same things that you are interested in.


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