Build closeness with your customer in private shows to get repeat business

If you’re new to webcamming sites or you’re usually a freemium/token site model, private cam shows can seem intimidating. How do you personalize a show, and offer a performance that will keep customers coming back for more? The #1 way to create return customers is to create a feeling of intimacy in private shows. How do you do that? Check out these 4 tips to make your cam customer feel like he’s the only guy in the world!

Make eye contact

Depending on the cam site you’re on and the location of your webcam, making eye contact probably won’t involve you looking at your customer at all. If your customer is using cam2cam, looking at their video stream on your monitor may be real eye contact but it won’t read as eye contact on their end. Look into your webcam lens instead! Glance over at your monitor regularly, of course, to keep an eye on what they’re doing and/or typing, but really focus on looking directly into your webcam’s lens to create that “eye contact”.

Use their name

No, you don’t have to call them “bigdick6969”! Ask your customer at the start of your show what you can call them, and take note of their answer. Some won’t give you a name, so try a few pet names like “honey” or “babe” and see if they react positively to any of them during the show. Using their name peppered throughout a private show can really help create that sense of closeness and intimacy that keeps customers coming back for more.

React to what they’re doing

It can be really easy to slip into a routine if you do a lot of private shows, but if you want to foster an intimacy that will build you a stable of solid regular clients, you have to personalize your show. Pay attention to what your customer is typing or doing in cam2cam and react directly to it to show them that you are engaged and present in the show with them.

Carry over details

Make your second show magic by “remembering” your first show with the customer! Most sites have notes features, and you can take a moment at the end of your private show to jot down a few things. Having a good first show is important, but knocking the second show out of the park is really what seals the deal and bags you a new regular customer. Showing that you remember their name, toy preferences, role play ideas, etc makes them think that you’ve been thinking about them, which makes them feel special.

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