You Don’t Need an “OnlyFans Coach” to Make Money on OnlyFans

If you’ve made an OnlyFans and find yourself a bit lost now that it’s actually up and running, you may have considered hiring an OnlyFans Coach to help you grow your account and make it more profitable. Telegram (the popular messaging application used for OnlyFans networking) is full of performers looking to sell guides, promise to mentor you, or even offer to run your account for you. While this situation may work great for performers looking to be more hands-off with their fan club, it isn’t the ideal situation for a majority of performers who would find more value in putting the work in themselves. How do you put in the work yourself if you don’t know their tricks to success though? You read the rest of this article, silly! Let’s dive into growing your OnlyFans without hiring a coach.

Follow Back Fans Manually

There is a fun little feature that lets you follow back your followers for the duration of their subscription but that isn’t the thing we’re looking for. You need to actually go into your follower list and click on expired and active and manually follow all of them back. OnlyFans does limit you to 100 per day but once you accomplish following all of your previous and current followers back you will then be rewarded with a bigger pool of people to send out pay-to-view messages to! When sending out your pay-to-view messages, select “following” from the lists, as well as “fans,” and you will be shooting out a message to everyone who has ever subscribed to your page.

I know what you’re thinking, “if they let their subscription expire, why would they want to see my messages?” Some people don’t even notice because they are subscribed to so many pages that if a subscription falls off they forget about it! Some people even only use OnlyFans for opening pay-to-view messages because they “feel more personal.” It doesn’t even necessarily have to be videos you send out. You can offer sexting, sell cam shows, and offer customs to expired fans as well. The messages are a great reminder that you exist and that you offer more services than only the things posted to your timeline. Think of it as a built in email list with the added benefit of taking the payment right with the message.

Mass Message Sexting Drips

Now that you’re following back all of your expired and current fans, you can participate in the magical world of “drips.” If you’ve ever done email marketing you are probably familiar with this well known concept for creating conversions, but if you’re not then I’m here to explain it for you! A drip strategy in it’s basic form is pre-written messages that can be easily sent out in mass messaging to gain interest, you can then drip out relevant messages depending on how people react to the initial drip. For example: you can send out a mass message saying “I’m so turned on and in the mood to sext right now, are you down babe?” and then add anyone who replies to a list. Once you’ve given it a few minutes to get your group of interested and active people, you can then send out a mass message to that list like, “oh my gosh you’re a life-saver for wanting to sext with me, I’ve been dying to orgasm all day.” You can also now attach a pay-to-view photo or video with that message which they will likely unlock to keep the sexting session going. Most people find a good practice is a few free tease text messages with pay-to-view attached in between. You can integrate them seamlessly into conversation by saying “I need to show you how hot this is making me,” or you know, something sexy.

Stretch Your Pay-to-Views

You can make the most of your pay to view content and keep your timeline active by giving the following formula a try: photo only or short 10 second preview attached as the free preview to your pay-to-view and an extended 45 second preview to your timeline that expires when you want it to (in case you want to send out the same content again) so that you keep your timeline active and remind your subscribers to check their DM for the full video content, plus they’ll feel like they are getting more value for their money because of the extended preview they get to see.

Make Most of Your Content Message Based

Keeping your timeline full of teases or lightweight content will help you to strategize your marketing plan in a way that rewards active subscribers while also taking advantage of the many different strategies for expanding your list of people to send pay-to-view messages to. Whether you stick to messaging the best content to active fans or setting your content to expire, it’ll create the phenomenon of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) and encourage people to subscribe to your page to see the best content. If you’re already pretty deep into OnlyFans, you can only delete 100 posts a day if you have active subscribers so be sure to give yourself enough time to smoothly transition into the business practice of going message based.

Offer Free Trials (If you have a message based OnlyFans)

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the last one and is essential to not basically give content away for free. Free trials are the current obsession of OnlyFans networking, and if you’re gawking at your screen right now, trust me I get it. Isn’t the point of a fan club the subscription, why give it away for free? I asked myself the same thing but trends are out of our control so sometimes we have to roll with them, and this is a major one. Many performers will do a shoutout for shoutout or paid promotion with other performers and offer a free trial link, the benefit of this is to add the following list to increase the amount of people that you send pay-to-view messages to. This practice also boosts what your following looks like outwardly if you have fan count turned on to display to the public, which is apparently more “appealing” to potential customers. Beware though because some accounts selling promotion will use this practice to deceive you into believe they have more active followers than they actually do.

When Buying or Organizing Shout-Outs with Other Performers, Opt for DM Marketing

Since the current trend has become using your expired and current fans as an email marketing list, it would only make sense to opt for direct message marketing over timeline marketing. If you really want to expand the shout-out potential you can also ask for a timeline post and direct mass message. Mass messages on OnlyFans also have some pretty comprehensive statistics that show total amount it was opened and how many users received the message, so when organizing your shout-out with the other performer let them know you’d like a screenshot of that after the duration of your message if it is a timed one, or let them know you’d like it in a day or two if it is a “forever message,” so you can see its progress.

Don’t Blow Your Budget on Buying Promotion

It can be super tempting to throw a lot of money into the ring for paid promotion because the accounts look huge and successful, but just remember that numbers can be inflated. Is that top % number from subscriptions and pay-to-view messages or is it from a super loyal fan? Is that fan count actual paying subscribers or is it free trials too? Things can often be too good to be true in the promo world, so make sure you are conservative with your spending on promotion. Joining Telegram groups relevant to your niche or reaching out to OnlyFans models with a similar look on social media to arrange free shout-outs will probably work out much better for you in the long run, especially if you use a free trial link. You will know that those fans will more than likely subscribe to you if you look similar to the model they are already following or offer similar things. There are also “promo review groups” on Telegram (they are often advertised within networking channels) that you can check out when deciding who to buy promotion from so that you’re less likely to get scammed.

Get Social on Social Media

Don’t hesitate to get slutty on social media, with your free trial link of course. Posting on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, and whatever other social apps you prefer, will greatly increase your odds of getting subscribers. Even if you use Reddit in sub-reddits where you can’t post links or self promo, you can set up an automated messaging bot to message users who comment on your posts or message you first and say “Hey I don’t check my messages here often but I’m on (Your OnlyFans Link) all the time! It’s free right now!”

Price Yourself Higher Than Your Actual Goal

Set your subscription price to a dollar (or a few) over your actual goal of what you’d like to make on subscriptions. When you do this, you can go through and offer “special promotions” to expired subscribers that seem like a great deal when in reality they are what you’re really looking for. When you offer a promotion to expired members it will show up in their notifications along with the message that you put for the notice, so if you make that sound personalized then they are more likely to join again. “I’ve missed you so much, did you forget to turn auto-renew on?” is a pretty standard one I find myself using often.

Queuing Is What You Should Be Doing!

If you’re going to dedicate any part of your time to OnlyFans it should be messaging as the priority as that is where most money can be made, so queuing your timeline will be a great practice in taking away the stress of being active regularly. Realistically you only need to post one or two photos a day and do the rest of your activity in your messages. Also, since most of your customers are come and go, you can re-use content if you wait about 2-3 months before using it again. If you’re too worried about it being noticeable you can change the filter, or use something like “FaceApp” to change your hair style.

Avoid Looking Spammy, Even If You Are

The more that you appear to make messages look personalized, the less likely you are to annoy your subscribers. When creating your mass messages try to make it feel special like you are only sending the message to that one person – not to your whole fan list.

Use Mass Message Statistics and Lists

Once you start heavily leaning into pay-to-view and message interactions, you can use your mass message statistics to get a feel of when you make the most money and get the most interaction on mass messages to help with scheduling and knowing when to be active on OnlyFans and when to put the phone down and get some sleep (a foreign concept to most sex workers.) You can also add users who purchase messages to lists very conveniently by clicking the icon next to the amount of people who open it and clicking add to list in the three dot menu in the top right corner. You can use this to make drips easier but you can also use it for creating lists of people who you know frequently unlock certain types of content and would be more likely to unlock bundles or customers that almost always say yes to sexting. You can also use the list feature to create an exclusion list for when you send out a pay-to-view DM of content that you have already used so they don’t accidentally unlock it again or get annoyed.


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