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CamModelDirectory is a platform designed specifically for adult Skype shows. In addition to Skype shows, models are also able to make money from clip sales and premium Snapchat. CamModelDirectory also has a directory that indicates when models are online. Due to the fact that the camming actually takes place on Skype, CamModelDirectory is able to offer a higher percentage than most camming sites.

Quick Information:

  • Services: Skype ShowsVideos
  • Genders: All Genders
  • Model Percentage: 75%-80%
  • Cashout Methods: Check, ACH
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • Affiliate Program: No
  • Studio Accounts: No

What’s Required To Get Started

The one major requirement to get started is that you must be eighteen years or older. A digital copy of photo ID is required when registering. This is for age verification purposes and something that all networks are required to do in order to stay compliant with federal law.

CamModelDirectory is one of the few networks that also requires that models be verified by the administrators. The first step in the verification process is to submit a photo with the date and “CamModelDirectory” on it. A CamModelDirectory admin will also conduct a 1-on-1 session where they ask specific questions to ensure that you are not a bot and are a legit human being.

How Much Do CamModelDirectory Models Make?

CamModelDirectory models make between 75% and 80%. The exact percentage is based on earnings. Models will make 75% off of the first $500 earned each month. For every dollar over that $500 mark, models will earn 80%. Chargebacks are covered and will not be deducted from pay!

Cashout Methods, Payout Schedule and Minimum Payouts

Payouts are made on a weekly basis, assuming the minimum payout has been met. The minimum payout is $20. Payouts are made via direct deposit or check.

Make Money Offering These Services

Selling Adult Skype Shows

The main focus of CamModelDirectory is Skype shows. Models are able to indicate when they’re online and ready to take a show. Unlike other camming sites, the shows don’t actually take place on site. Instead, once a show is booked, the show is performed on Skype. Because Skype is the infrastructure being used, CamModelDirectory is able to give models a higher percentage than most camming sites do.

Selling Videos From The Profile Page

In addition to Skype shows, models are also able to make money form selling videos directly from the profile page. The great thing about selling clips is that it builds a residual income. As long as the video is available for sale, it has the chance of generating sales and revenue. The other great thing is that you don’t have to be online in order to make money from video sales, although if you are online, you’ll get better placement on the site.

How To Become A Featured Model

It’s possible to be a featured model and be displayed prominently on the site. There are only 10 featured slots available and it works on a bidding system. Each week, CamModelDirectory models have the opportunity to bid on one of the featured 10 slots. If a model successfully wins the bid, they’ll be displayed and their bid will automatically be deducted from their next payout. Here’s the benefits of being featured:

  • Featured models are included in the Featured Models slider at the top of the home page.
  • Featured models have the “Featured” ribbon on their profile which makes the ad stand out from non-featured ads.
  • Featured model profiles and ads will show up first in category listings and search results.
  • Only 10 featured model spots are sold at a time in order to maximize the value of this premium service.

Ready To Get Started? Signup Today!

Ready to get started as a CamModelDirectory model? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time! Once verified by a CamModelDirectory administrator, you’ll be added to the directory and will be able to start using the platform for Skype shows, video and photo sales and underwear sales. Earn 75-80% off all transaction! All genders welcome and everyone

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