OnlyFans is Updating their Acceptable Use Policy which has many pornstars leaving the platform

Yesterday news broke that OnlyFans would in fact be updating their acceptable use policy which has lead many performers to abandon the platform or plan to in the next few months for alternatives that are porn friendly. Many performers are concerned about the stress of relocating their fanclub to a new website because of the months or years they have dedicated to posting on OnlyFans. There are fanclub websites offering solutions to this issue by offering to help performers transition their content over to their platform.


FanCentro Offers Transfer Services and 100% Payout for September

Popular fanclub platform FanCentro has offered a “migration team” service that will help you to move all of your OnlyFans content over to your FanCentro page. All you need to do to start the process is create a FanCentro account and message their live chat support requesting to migrate your content from OnlyFans to FanCentro. In addition to the migration services FanCentro is also offering 100% payout for new users throughout the month of September to help ease the stress of financial transition caused by the sudden news.

FanCentro offers many of the same features as OnlyFans with a dashboard that allows you to create new posts for your subscription feed, pay-to-view messaging, and more. They also allow you to sell individual clips and additionally offer fun “achievements” and “quests” to make your new adventure on their platform more interesting.

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JustForFans Allows Migration via BackupFans

Fanclub platform JustForFans allows performers to migrate their content from OnlyFans using the service BackupFans that is a premium (yes that means it costs money) service. Since the service is not offered in-house directly from JustForFans, it is unfortunately not a free service. The service comes with different plan options allowing you to transfer 10 posts to 250 posts.

JustForFans is a comprehensive fanclub platform with many different options for money making, including all of the key features that made OnlyFans popular. You can sell clips, offer sexting, pay-to-view messages, shoutout other performers, and more.

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