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TedTalks: Jenna Haze Discusses Free Porn / Age Verification

TedTalks: Jenna Haze Discusses Modern Porn Former pornstar and psychology Jenna Haze hosts a Ted Talks about porn and a wide range of issues impacting the industry. The issues range

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Webcam Models

Search Engine Optimization For Camgirls Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is the act of making your content rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Search engine algorithms

Mobile Camming: Broadcasting From Your Smart Phone

Camgirls: Broadcast From Your Mobile Phone Many camming sites offer the ability to cam from your mobile phone. There are advantages and disadvantages to camming on mobile. The advantages include

Camgirls: Protect Your Privacy Using VPNs (Proxy Servers)

VPN / Proxy Server Information For Camming Models A Virtual Private Network (VPN) AKA Proxy Server is used to hide your IP address. There’s many reasons why someone might use

ManyVids Winning Wednesday: Selfie Star (6/13/19)

ManyVids Winning Wednesday: Selfie Star Contest ManyVids has announced their theme for this week’s Winning Wednesday. This week’s theme is Selfie Star theme! If there’s one thing we all know and

Podcast 73: ManyVids 80% FundMe, XBIZ Cam Awards and More!

Episode 73: ManyVids 80% FundMe, XBIZ Cam Awards and More! Welcome back to the Camland Podcast! Today, hosted by Nate. The big news is ManyVids raises up their FundMe percentages

KinkBomb’s 1st Summer Contest: June 2019

KinkBomb’s 1st Summer Contest: June 2019 Fetish clip site KinkBomb has announced their 1st ever summer contest that’s going on during the month of June, 2019. The top five highest earning

CAM4 Summer Gift Contest: June 10th-30th, 2019

CAM4 2019 Summer Gift Contest Popular camming site CAM4 has announced their Summer Gift Contest, which is going on from June 10th to the 30th, 2019. The top 4 performers in

ManyVids: Buy Videos With Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

ManyVids: Make Purchases With Cryptocurrency ManyVids is one of the handful of camming and clip sites that supports cryptocurrency for videos and other purchases. There’s a lot of reasons why

ManyVids MV Pride Mag 1: Pride Edition – June 2019

ManyVids MV Pride Mag 1: Pride Edition ManyVids has released their 1st ever Pride Edition of MV Mag, a monthly publication featuring MV Stars. You can find the 1st Pride